I Started it You Finish It Sale

It’s January. And you know what that means…cleaning out the house. My office was long overdue for a clean out. It was a pretty scary place. I’m not done organizing yet, but I’ll show you before and after pics when it’s standing tall.

I know you all think you have an enormous stash, but you have no idea what kind of stash accumulates when you own a needlepoint store. I won’t say that I’m a hoarder, but others might. Lol!

Now you can have an inside view as to what a small part of my stash looks like.  This should be fun!

So here’s how this works, today through Saturday February 9th the following canvases are on sale. Some have been stitched more than others, but most have a thread or two stitched in…practically a brand new canvas.

Give us a call and tell us the description of the canvas and we’ll send it your way, including the stretcher bars if the canvas is on bars. The prices are on the canvases. If you have trouble seeing the price, just enlarge the pic.  Sorry some of the pics are sideways.  Technology is not my friend today. LOL!

Christmas Tree

Tulip Basket – Melissa Shirley


Labs in a Boat


Little Puffy Boy

Wizard of Oz

Valentine Mouse


Feather Tree

Snowflake Bunny

Music Note

Chick Bunny

Full Bodied Birdeaux


Vibrant Flower

Seaside Scene

Flying Santa

Purple Palm


Cuff Bracelet

Flower Basket (includes some threads)

3D Gingerbread House

Pumpkin Patch


Elf – includes stitch guide

3D Train Ornament

Flowers in Teacup


Little Christmas Tree

Geometric Fish

Sheep Wine

Halloween Engine

Santa’s House

Bunny with 3D Teacup – includes stitch guide


Collie – Charlie Harper

Witch and Cauldron

Cat in Costume


Victorian Winter


Sheepy Wicked

Gold Picture Frame

Christmas Engine

Santa Pirate

SnowmanSummer Wreath – includes stitch guide

3D Halloween



Yellow Cottage

Flowers and Rainboots – includes stitch guide

Winter Village – includes stitch guide

Dog Walking – includes most threads

Witch on Moon

Witch and Cat

Rubbish – includes guide and threads

Little Critters – 3 for $80

New York

Seaside Cottage – Melissa Shirley

Chickadee Stocking


Heart Christmas Tree

Blue Pumpkin

Rooster Collage – includes stitch guide

Ho Ho Ho

Yellow Bird

Harbor Scene


Victorian Cottage


Christmas Village

Tropical Fish – includes most threads


Wreath – Melissa Shirley


Leopard Belt


Cats on the Couch

This is just the tip of the iceberg in my stash. See what I mean? I got problems. Lol!

The sale ends on February 9th.  After that I’ll have to find other good homes for them to go to.

Give us a call if you’d like to add to your stash at these amazing prices!


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