I’m Back!!!!!!

I have been so remiss in blogging lately.  It has been so busy.  Between back to school, Julia and Vicky teaching at the shop.  I haven’t gotten my head above water.  And let’s not forget our retreat coming up next weekend.

We had a great time with Vicky DeAngelis teaching at the shop. She did a workshop on Annie Lane canvases.  I worked on “Full Bodied Birdeaux”


She’s gonna get some awesome pearls and crazy hair.  But, I’m being smart and stitching the background first so I’m not all tangled up in everything else.  By the way,  black turkey work is the WORST!  I wouldn’t recommend it.

The second day of class was on the Pepperberry design “Patches the Snowman”


We still have a few kits if you’re interested.  Give us a call.

I just love VIcky.  She is a beautiful stitcher.  Every stitch perfection. (Unlike me) And she is the most patient teacher.  If you ever have the opportunity to take a class with Vicky, don’t pass it up.

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