I’m Seeing Green

The only thing I’m green with envy about is that I want this dress in real life.  I LOVE these dresses from Elizabeth Turner Collection!  This is the second dress that I’ve stitched.  I started a third one a few days ago.  The third one is turning out to be my favorite.


This one was not as easy to figure out as the pink dress.


I ripped out 90% of the skirt.  I first used Soie d’Alger for the skirt.  It was so flat and dead.  But, I had to get enough in before I could really see it.  Thank God Bargello is easy to rip out. But those damn pin stitches!  If you think that a pin stitch isn’t secure, I beg to differ.  Those little suckers stick in tight!  Even with a single strand of thread.


Looks like I beaded the bodice and the belt.  Guess again!  If you know me at all, I only bead under penalty of death!

The stitch guide is now available, as well as the kit  I’ve got canvases on order.  So give me a shout if you’re interested.

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