Julia Snyder Day 1

We had SOOOOOO much fun with Julia!  She is amazing!  Her tips and techniques, thread and stitch selection are incredible.  I am fascinated how she recalls so many stitches, as if she is just grabbing them out of the air as they float by.  Genius!

We had 24 women join us over the two days.  Many live locally, but others came from far and wide: New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia and even California!

Aggie was getting a little help with buttonhole on a bar with a bead. That’s a mouthful! That is used on the Raymond Crawford “Cheer” piece that Julia has done a stitch guide for.  Aggie also brought with her the new piece by Ewe & Eye “March Winds.”  (You know, the one with the birdhouses.)  I see a class and stitch guide in the future.

Laurie worked on the piece “Girlfriends” by Maggie.  I love this piece.  It looks just like my best friend and I (when my hair isn’t blown out, which you’ll never see)

Susan brought back the Melissa Shirley giant witch hat that she worked on last year with Julia.  She also got some help on a few new pieces, like a mermaid backgammon board.

Marina worked on this adorable snowman.  I know there were lots of oohs and aahs coming from that table.  Marina will have to update us with a picture at some point.

Joanne worked on this beautiful little girl.

Kate worked on this John Johannsen chicken.

 I know I missed a few pieces, but we were having so much fun.

Stay tuned for the day 2 installment.  You don’t want to miss that.  They were a WILD bunch!

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