Julia Snyder Day 2

Saturday was a WILD day!  The ladies were going crazy.  Just check out how excited Cammie was.




You would have thought Cammie was on The Price is Right  Every time Julia called her number for her turn, she’s jump and down yelling “That’s me! That’s me!”

Debbie worked on these fun mermaids.  Even the canvases were fun!

Susan worked on Alehouse Annie and she brought along a famous Facebook friend

Leopold Lovelettuce.  Yes.  He has his own Facebook page.  And he deserves it. He is stunning!

Susan brought this beautiful Liz stocking

Joy worked on this pair of owls from Maggie

We enjoyed these delicious works of art from my shop neighbor, The Painted Cookie

Judy worked on this Renaissance piece.  Are you getting an idea of the silliness that was going on here?

Kim worked on the Airstream birdhouse by Melissa Prince

She looks like she’s working so diligently and concentrating

She spent the day sitting next to Mary Susan.  Again, appears to be working very hard

on the Partridge in a Pear Tree by Melissa Prince.

But they were sitting with Cammie,

so we know just how hard they were working.  They had the best time.  Laughing all day long.  Mary Susan told me that this was the most fun day she’s had in a long time.  Mission accomplished.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t join us this time.  Julia will be back September 20th and 21st to celebrate my actual birthday.  I can’t think of a more fun way to celebrate!

Thank you Julia for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm with us.  And thanks to my girls who busted their butts all week to get the shop in tip top shape (and build a new store on the second floor in a week).


  1. Debbie says:

    So glad to hear everyone had a wonderful time. What fun canvases! I recognized Leopold! Are all these ladies on FB with the Needlepoint Group AKA Needlepoint Nation? We can put names to faces!! If not they need to join the Nation!

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