Julia Snyder is Coming to Town

Nobody is more fun than Julia Snyder.  With her Texas accent and her boisterous personality, how could it not be a great time?

Friday September 20th 10-4

Enrichment Experience

Most shops refer to this kind of class as an Embellishment Class.  We have a different name for it. Bring a canvas of your choice or purchase one from the shop at a 20% discount to work on with Julia.  She will select the threads and stitches to make your canvas come alive.  Whether it’s ribbon work, shadow stitching or off canvas weaving, she’s sure to bring something wonderful to your canvas and new for you to learn.



Saturday September 21st   10-5

Modern Tree by Raymond Crawford


Julia stitched and wrote a fabulous stitch guide for this adorable piece.  It measures 5 x 8.  Talk about circle techniques . . .oh my! There’s Jessica’s, double Jessica’s, beading and much more.  This was the first piece I ever saw years ago when I first started poking around on the internet that just blew my mind.  I didn’t know who Julia Snyder was but I thought she was amazing.  Little did I know until I met her! Sign up here.


or you can purchase the kit


Sunday September 22nd   10-4

Enrichment Experience


Here’s a few pics from her last visit.



Mary Susan worked on this piece by Melissa Prince. Look how it turned out!


Class size is limited to 10 students for each day of the Enrichment Experiences.

Class fee $150

Call the shop, email or sign up through the web store.




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