Market Fresh

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind!  I looked at the calendar today and thought what happened to September? We got back from the Dallas show last Tuesday and finally today I feel like I’ve recovered.  I thought these shows were exhausting when I attended only as a buyer.  That’s got nothing on exhibiting AND buying!

We got to Dallas on Thursday before the show and got right to work setting up the two exhibit rooms.  It took Mary Susan, Aggie and I twelve hours over two days setting up the rooms.

Don’t our windows look fabulous?  Gotta give a shout out to our Linda for genius display ideas.

The show opened at 11 on Saturday morning and everyone was eager to spend some money.  I know I was . . .but I couldn’t sneak out of the room until much later that afternoon.  I ran around to vendors on my floor, grabbed canvases and handed them to the designer saying “I’ll be back.” (No, that is not a bad reference to the Terminator. LOL)   Apparently I’ve been nicknamed “the Whirling Dervish.”  I’ve had worse nicknames in my life.  I’m good with that.l

Saturday night we went out to dinner with a big group of people, including Melissa Prince and her daughter, Deb from Stitchers Garden and Melissa from The Wool and the Floss.    What a fun night!  Every night was a blast!

Market continued Sunday and Monday and then it’s tear down and pack up.  I have to admit, this part stinks!  Twelve hours to set up . . .four to take it down and pack it up.  A nice cold bottle of Kendall Jackson hit the spot after that!

We’ve been busy pricing canvases and getting that up on the walls in the shop.   It’s a massive undertaking dealing with the hundreds of canvases we brought home.  On top of unpacking the boxes for the wholesale line.  So not looking forward to sorting and organizing thousands of canvases today.  Oh . . .the glamorous life of a needlepoint shop owner.  LOL!

Don’t forget that this Saturday we are holding our Local Needlepoint Store event.  I know it’s later than most shops but I couldn’t do it last Saturday since I was having forty people to my house to celebrate my 40th birthday.  God I’m getting old!

We have hundreds of new  “Market Fresh” canvases we brought back from tons of different designers, as well as the 100 new designs from Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.  We have tons of new magnets and some really cool new accessories and self finishing products. I’ll post picture in another blog of our walls and all the goodies. Or maybe I’ll make a video. 

The first ten customers on Saturday will receive a goody back just for walking through the door.  Be sure to stop by and enter your name in the raffle to win a $50 gift certificate.    Also, I’ll be holding demos throughout the day on how to self finish everything from our Point2Pointe trunk show, as well as the new coasters from VNG.

It’s gonna be a blast so stop by if you can!

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