Monster Madness Flash Sale! All in stock canvases 20% off

October 30th & 31st ONLY!  All in stock canvases 20% off

Call the shop to order. 203-210-5107.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom.  I’ve photographed as many of the canvases as I could.  When you call, please refer to the frame you are interested in.  It will help us find things faster.


Frame 1IMG_9805

Frame 2IMG_9807

Frame 3IMG_9808

Frame 4IMG_9809

Frame 5

halloween 11

Frame 6halloween 10

Frame 7halloween 9

Frame 8
halloween 7

Frame 9halloween 6

Frame 10halloween 5

Frame 11halloween 4

Frame 12halloween 3

Frame 13halloween 2

Frame 14halloween 1

Frame 15


Frame 16


Frame 17IMG_9733

Frame 18IMG_9734

Frame 19IMG_9735 IMG_9736

Frame 20IMG_9737

Frame 21IMG_9739

Frame 22IMG_9740

Frame 23IMG_9741

Frame 24IMG_9742

Frame 25IMG_9743

Frame 26IMG_9744

Frame 27IMG_9745

Frame 28IMG_9746

Frame 29IMG_9747

Frame 30IMG_9748

Frame 31IMG_9749

Frame 32IMG_9750

Frame 33IMG_9751

Frame 34IMG_9752 IMG_9753

Frame 35IMG_9754

Frame 36IMG_9756

Frame 37IMG_9757

Frame 38IMG_9758

Frame 39IMG_9762

Frame 40IMG_9763

Frame 41IMG_9764

Frame 42IMG_9765

Frame 43IMG_9766

Frame 44IMG_9767

Frame 45IMG_9768

Frame 46IMG_9769

Frame 47IMG_9770

Frame 48IMG_9771

Frame 49IMG_9772

Frame 50IMG_9773

Frame 51IMG_9775

Frame 52IMG_9776

Frame 53IMG_9777

Frame 54

Frame 55IMG_9779

Frame 56IMG_9780

Frame 57IMG_9781

Frame 58IMG_9782

Frame 59IMG_9783

Frame 60IMG_9784

Frame 61IMG_9785

Frame 62IMG_9786

Frame 63IMG_9787

Frame 64IMG_9788

Frame 65IMG_9789

Frame 66IMG_9795

Frame 67IMG_9796

Frame 68IMG_9797

Frame 69IMG_9798

Frame 70IMG_9800

Frame 71IMG_9801

Frame 72IMG_9802

Frame 73

Excludes clubs and special orders.

Call the shop to order.  203-210-5107.  Discount does not apply to the online store.

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