More Painted Pony Angels

Our Painted Pony Angels trunk show is still going on.  I promised I would post the rest of the angels we received and here they are in all their cuteness!

All trunk show canvases are 20% off now through May 30th and if you want us to pull threads for the canvases the threads are 10% off.  You know how this works by now.  The frame number is UNDER the picture.

Please email directly at to order or inquire about the canvases.  I’d hate to miss any of your emails!  Or drop us a line! 203-210-5107


Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3

Frame 4

Frame 5

Frame 6

Frame 7

Frame 8

Frame 9

Frame 10

Frame 11

Frame 12

Frame 13

Frame 14

Frame 15

Frame 16

Frame 17

Frame 18

Frame 19

Frame 20

Frame 21

Frame 22

They are all so cute!  I have a few picked out for myself!


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