What Would Suzie Do?

Another fun installment for you!

For all you cardinal lovers out there (including me)!  This design from 3K is 8 1/2 x 11 on 18 mesh.

If I were to stitch this, I would skip stitch the background with one strand of Impressions to keep it light.  The birch trees I would do Horizontal Brick Stitch over 2 with Straw Silk, changing colors to follow the painting.

I’ve stitched a lot of cardinals and try to do them differently each time.  I would do angled Satin Stitch or Fly Stitch for the tail feathers.  I would do Open Nobuko for the body of the bird with 4 strands of red Splendor.  The wings I would do Criss-Cross Hungarian with red Splendor.  He’s such a happy bird!

This is a new piece of mine available through Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.  I designed it to fit in my new self finishing boxes where all you do is pop it in and your done and there’s glass on top to protect it.

I would do Alicia’s Lace  over 2 with 2 strands of Soie d’Alger for the background.  The little ladybugs have to be beaded!  You could bead the letters, as well, or tent stitch them if beading isn’t your thing.

It definitely feels like 5 o’clock somewhere all the time these days!  How fun would this be in your collection of bar needlepoint?

I would tent stitch the glass, clock hands and numbers with the pictured threads.  The background would be fun in Pepper Pot (not sure why I have Gloriana in the picture too) in Woven Stitch. I would do a wrapped chain stitch for the silver outline with Kreinik.


We still have this gorgeous tree kit in stock.  It is 14 x 14 on 18 mesh.

I think everyone is having a hard time envisioning the background I see on this piece.  It would be similar to the background I did on Harvest Moon.

I’ll have another installment of this coming soon!


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