Name that Movie

C’mon down!  You’re the next contestant on Guess that Movie Coaster!

By now you all know how much I love the movie coaster series from Melisa Prince.  I highly recommend stitching one if you haven’t already.  So much fun and instant gratification.  And if you think that you have no use for a coaster or God forbid someone actually uses the coaster, you can finish them so many different ways.  I’ve done pillows and framing.  A customer of ours is having Charlie and the Chocolate Factory finished as a boxed standup with a music box tucked in the back that plays, “The Candy Man.”

Didn’t Susan do a fabulous job? I love the hair!

So let’s see if you can guess which movies these are. I will admit that I was stumped on a few and had to ask Melissa.

Check back tomorrow for the answers!  There’s more to come.  This is just a sneak peek.  If you want to order any, just give us a shout!

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