New Elizabeth Turner Collection Canvases and Magnets

I saw these parrots and I flipped over them!  Once I get some of my “homework” as I call it done (you know, all those pieces I have to stitch), I am definitely doing one of these birds.

parrot 1

parrot 2

parrot 3

parrot 4

mitten hippo

mitten monkey

mitten zebra

And who doesn’t love magnets?  I don’t know about you, but I can’t have enough.  And the funny thing is . . .so many of mine are missing.  I bet one day I’ll find a stash that my son hid somewhere.

mag 3

mag 4

mag 5

mag 6

mag 7

mag 8

mag 9

mag 10

mag 11

mag 12

mag 13

mag 14

mag 15

He’s DEFINITELY going to steal the Dalmation.  He’s obsessed with dogs.  I can say buh bye to that one!

mag 16

mag 17

mag 1

mag 2
I have all of these magnets on order.  So give me a shout if there’s one (or more) that you just can’t live without.

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