New Stitching!

I feel like I don’t share what I’m stitching with you as often as I used to.  I spend a lot of time stitching new pieces for a show that I can’t share and then I bombard you with tons of new pieces.  Oh well . . . here’s a new unveiling!

Amanda Lawford painted these three designs.  I suggested doing graphic landscape and these are the beauties she dreamed up.

I stitched the Mountain Landscape.  I gotta tell you this was a tricky piece.  I used stitches to create depth and perspective.  I changed the size of the stitches for the water to make it appear to recede.


Our dear Becki stitched the Waterfall Landscape.  This piece is stunning!  The water actually looks like it’s moving!

The third piece in the series is the Seaside Landscape.  If I thought the Mountain Landscape was tricky, try stitching a wave and a tide pool!  Let’s just say I ripped out more than I would have liked (which is never).

I just finished writing the guides for these pieces so I can kit them up for you.  They are available through any shop from my wholesale line, Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.  I have them in stock, for now.  Who knows when I’ll be getting more.  I’ll tell you more about that in my next blog!  Stay tuned!


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