Pushing the Panic Button

Things are crazy in the world right now.  I know we all shouldn’t be so concerned about our needlepoint needs, but what else is there to do these days?  I’m sure you’ve all cleaned out your houses by now and have finished a few projects.  But here’s the scary reality when it comes to the needlepoint industry.

As of right now, a number of our thread companies, two of our biggest, Rainbow Gallery and Kreinik are closed.  Whatever shall we do without those threads?

 I stockpiled threads last week before both companies closed down so I’m good at the shop for now.

That’s only half of what has come in.  I haven’t been able to hang them all up yet because I’ve been so busy.  Good thing the store is closed because it is a disaster right now between all the threads, new canvases and all the kits I’ve been putting together.

Here’s just a few of the kits we have in stock.




The three cardinals is going to be an online class over ZOOM.  The class will be in about two weeks.  If you want to participate, order your kit soon so I can ship it out to you in time.


But what are things going to be like a month from now?  How am I going to kit things?

Here’s another problem, perhaps even bigger. Most of our painting services are overseas and the countries are on total lock down.  That means nothing in or out of the countries and none of our painters working.  This could mean that canvases are going to take many months to come in, much longer than usual.  So, if you see a canvas posted online, I would snatch it up because who knows when we’ll get more?

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