One Day Sale – 25% off all in stock canvases

I know you’ve been anxiously waiting to see what’s in stock.  Some canvases appear in multiple pictures.  This doesn’t mean that we have multiples.  The frame you should refer to is listed above the picture.

If we have your credit card on file, feel free to email your order and we’ll put it aside for you.  Please email me directly with questions regarding canvases.  Please do not post a comment asking a price on the blog.  It is much easier for me to answer your email directly and I most likely won’t be able to respond.

We’re open 10-3.  203-210-5107

Frame 1

IMG_0299 IMG_0300

Frame 2IMG_0301Frame 3IMG_0302

Frame 4IMG_0303

Frame 5IMG_0304

Frame 6IMG_0305

Frame 7IMG_0306

Frame 8IMG_0307

Frame 9IMG_0308

Frame 10IMG_0310

Frame 11IMG_0311

Frame 12IMG_0312

Frame 13IMG_0313

Frame 14IMG_0314

Frame 15IMG_0315

Frame 16IMG_0316

Frame 17IMG_0317

Frame 18IMG_0318

Frame 19IMG_0319

Frame 20IMG_0320

Frame 21IMG_0321

Frame 22IMG_0322

Frame 23IMG_0323

Frame 24IMG_0324

Frame 25IMG_0325

Frame 26IMG_0326

Frame 27IMG_0327

Frame 28IMG_0328

Frame 29IMG_0329

Frame 30IMG_0330

Frame 31IMG_0331

Frame 32IMG_0332

Frame 33IMG_0333

Frame 34IMG_0334

Frame 35IMG_0335

Frame 36IMG_0336

Frame 37IMG_0337

Frame 38IMG_0338

Frame 39IMG_0339

Frame 40IMG_0340

Frame 41IMG_0341

Frame 42IMG_0342

Frame 43IMG_0343

Frame 44IMG_0344

Frame 45IMG_0345

Frame 46IMG_0346

Frame 47IMG_0347

Frame 48IMG_0348

Frame 49IMG_0349

Frame 50IMG_0350

Frame 51IMG_0351

Frame 52IMG_0352

Frame 53IMG_0353

Frame 54


Frame 55IMG_0355

Frame 56IMG_0356

Frame 57IMG_0357

Frame 58IMG_0358

Frame 59IMG_0359

Frame 60IMG_0360

Frame 61IMG_0361

Frame 62IMG_0362

Frame 63IMG_0363

Frame 64IMG_0364

Frame 65IMG_0365

Frame 66IMG_0366

Frame 67IMG_0367

Frame 68IMG_0368

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