Oscar Sunday

Sunday night is the big night . . .the Oscars!  I have to be honest, I don’t really care for most Oscar movies.  Well . . .the ones that have been nominated in the last few years.  One is more depressing than the next.  What’s with that?  Can’t they nominate movies that are enjoyable?   I love nothing more than a Sunday where I can binge watch The Princess Diaries (preferably number 2), What a Girl Wants and View From the Top.  I like cheesy girly movies  . . .what can I say?

Whatever am I going to stitch during the Oscars?  God knows you can’t really watch the entire three hours.  LOL!  Maybe I’ll work on another movie coaster by Melissa Prince.  You know I’ve stitched a ton of them.

Wizard of Oz


(stitched by Aggie)


(stitched by Aggie)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Dirty Dancing

Murder on the Orient Express

Romeo and Juliet

Pretty Woman

Star Wars

Sixteen Candles


Forrest Gump

Hunger Games



Fifty Shades of Grey

Romeo and Juliet

Sex and the City

Sixteen Candles

Check out her website.  Melissa has done over a 100 of them.  There’s a movie for everyone!

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