Peacock Ginger Jar: First Look


Here’s my progress on the brand new design by Melissa Shirley.  Lovin’ this piece!


Close up of the flower.  My dear friend Becki (who also works at the shop) showed me this technique  of stretching flair.

 How cool!


The scroll work


The base of the jar


Details of the border and background


Lid of the jar


Now on to the middle!


  1. Maryrose Cline-Buso says:

    Add me to the list of those interested in a stitch guide. What you have done is awesome, incredible, etc. also, details on how to stretch Flair would be appreciated in a future blog. I use it a lot and new applications of a thread are always interesting. Thanks.

    • Enriched Stitch says:

      Will do! I am close to finishing the piece, so the stitch guide should be ready soon. I will definitely do a blog about stretching flair. I will take pictures of how I do it on the jar. Great idea!

      • Maryrose Cline-Buso says:

        Thank you so much. I saw a canvas just back from Long Beach that used the technique, but how it was done is a mystery.

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