Petei Nativity

I have a penchant for nativities.  I have no idea why, since I’m not a religious person.  Maybe it’s because I was dragged to church every week growing up. This should make mother happy.  I’ve stitched the classic set by Liz and am currently working on the Hawaiian nativity and the series from Mile High Princes.  Here’s another one I might have to have.

303 mary


304 joseph


300 wiseman in blue redBlue Wiseman


301 wiseman in purple

Purple Wiseman

wiseman in gree

Green Wiseman

305 baby jesus

Baby Jesus

306 shepherd


308 archangel



081 nativity star

Nativity Star

236palm tree

Palm Tree

621 lamb






This is available for pre order.  It will be about 8-10 weeks for delivery.  Do I really have to wait that long?






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  1. Carol King says:

    What is the Hawaiian Nativity? Do you have a picture? What size is the backdrop for the Petei Nativity and how much does it cost? I have quite a few of the other pieces. I have to check that out. I was also curious about the Mile High Nativity Do you know that one? I too have a thing about nativities. Thank you. carol

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