Barbara Elmore is Coming to Town

The amazingly talented and creative Barbara Elmore will be making a RARE appearance at The Enriched Stitch on October 4th, 5th and 6th!  Don’t miss this!  Every time I see something she posts on Facebook, I am blown way. How does she do that?  That’s the question that always seems to come out of my mouth.  So, naturally, I had to ask her to come teach at the shop.  Whenever I find myself saying “What did she do?” I think to myself, “Guess I have to have her come teach at the shop.”

October 4th: Canvas Embellishment/Enrichment Experience  $150

Bring a canvas of your choice to watch Barbara work her magic on.

October 5th: Sparkles Workshop

$175.  Includes all materials


October 6th: Black Cat Class  $250

barbara elmore cat 2

We will be working on the canvas.  The frame is available separately.  If we have enough people interested, we will offer the cat class in the morning and the frame in the afternoon.

You’ll get what I’m talking about from these pictures.

barbara 2

This is from her design Princess Chandelier. It looks just like Cinderella’s ballgown.  How does she do that?

barbara 1

barbara 3

More from the Princess Chandelier.  That’s a wig on the right.

barbara 4

What you can do with Sparkles. . .oh my

barbara 5

She will be teaching this piece next year at the ANG seminar.

barbara 6

So this is a new concept. . .Barbara stitched over a photograph.  How cool?

barbara 7

barbara 8

A rose made of Sparkles

barbara 9

These are the toes of a pair of shoes. I think I’ll steal that idea for a basket.

barbara 10

barbara 11

A butterfly made of Sparkles

barbara 12

Clearly Barbara has a thing for shoes.  A girl after my own heart!

Give us a call or send an email to sign up. You can always register online.  Be sure to select “in store pickup” at the checkout to avoid shipping charges.

The kit for the Black Cat will be available for those who cannot attend the class.  Email for more information.These classes are not offered via Skype.

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