The Chicks are Multiplying!

I just finished up the fourth chick!


I think she’s my favorite.   She has the sweetest face.


How cool is this carrot?  Someone thought it looked like a pineapple.  Guess it could work for that too!  This is a technique I learned from Tony Minieri called Casalguidi.  So cool!

And realized I never posted about chick number three.  Poor little guy…I forgot about him.


He’s the chubby chick.  little-chick-c-2

First I tried appliqueing a stitched piece of interlock canvas for the wings.  Soooooo not good.  Then I tried stretching Wonder Ribbon.  It was ok.  Not my “best work” as Mary Susan said.  So, a little delicate Accentuate seemed to do the trick.  It’s hard to see in the picture, but I did a Buttonhole stitch over the body after I tent stitched it.  I’m telling you . . .this butterfly was hard to figure out!

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