Pretty Pink Dresses

This piece is so out of character for me.  But for some reason, it was talking to me.  You know how that goes!


I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I started this canvas.  And fortunately, it all worked out!

There were so many questions on Facebook about this piece when I posted it.  So I’ll try to answer some of the questions here.

I did not change threads to create the shading.  Everything is very light coverage to let the painted design show through.  It would be impossible to stitch this with all of the shading.  Unless you Basketweave it.  And if you know me at all, I run as far from Basketweave as I can.

The background is done in a single strand of Vineyard Merino.  My new favorite thread.  Very fine.  Scrumptious to work with.

What you all really want to know about is the ruffle.


It is mostly done in gathered stitch.  I used five different silk ribbons in various widths and some Flair.

The stitch guide is complete.  You can order it or the kit by calling the shop.  I haven’t loaded it into the online store yet.

pink party dress cover

I just LOVE these dresses.  I’m working on the green evening gown right now.  Hopefully, I can finish it up tonight.  And I’ve got one more ordered.  I always say…you’ve gotta stitch one or three.  Two will never do!

green gown

The green one hasn’t been as easy to figure out.  I’ll share my trials and tribulations when I post about it.

peach gown

And this one just reminds me of the dress that my Peaches and Cream Barbie Doll wore.  I loved that dress!

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