Wednesday WIPS

Who doesn’t love Annie Lane canvases?  Each one is funnier than the next.  They just make me smile

When Vicky DeAngelis came to teach at the shop in October, we did an embellishment class with just Annie Lane designs.  Of course I had to jump in on the fun.


I love my wine.  Though I’m a white wine drinker.  I’d love to have this finished  framed and attached to the door of a wine fridge some how.  We’ll see how that works out.


This stitch was a happy accident.  I started doing Alternating Continental over four.  By the end of the first row, I decided I didn’t want the diamond look.  The wavy look was working.


I know most people run from Turkey Work.  But I love it.  Get yourself a pair of curved scissors for cutting your Turkey Work.  It makes the task SO much easier.


Birdie is going to be adorned with big pearls.  I found ones that are used for scrap booking that are only a half of a pearl so I will be able to put something that large on the canvas.

She’s too much fun!

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