Who Wants Cookies?

Me! Me! Me!

Who doesn’t love cookies?  My son and I made cookies this afternoon.  Nothing fancy. . . just those little break and bake ones.  It’s cookies all around today.  My gingerbread man came back from the finisher this morning.

He’s just too cute!  I love the candy cane the finisher attached to the end of the hanger.

This cutie pie is from Leigh’s new series.  I know I told you all about them last week so I won’t bore you with the details again.  Just thought y’all would like to see him.

Our first round of orders sold out, but we have more coming.  Click here to pop over to the blog from earlier in the month to see all of his little friends.

I think this group of guys could use some girlfriends.  Hint . . .hint . . .Leigh!

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