Year in Review

It’s New Years Eve.  I’ve been scrolling through my Facebook feed and the reflections of the last year are starting to pop up.  So, here it goes.

It has been an amazing year at The Enriched Stitch.  I am so thankful to all the wonderful women who work in the shop.  Becki, Aggie, Mary Susan, Patti, Nancy, and our newest addition, the store manager, Jinny.  I couldn’t possibly do all that I do without you guys.  Whether it’s the day to day work in the store, or for listening to me on the phone for hours, I couldn’t ask for better friends.

We had a number of visiting teachers this year: Susan Portra (who will be back again this Spring), Julia Snyder, Meredith Willett and Vicky DeAngelis. All such amazingly talented women.

The most exciting event for me this year was teaching at the Dallas trade show.  What a thrill and honor to be asked!


Our retreat was a blast as always.

wff-1The dates for next years retreat are October 24th-25th.  More details to follow.

We have so many things planned for next year.  Clubs, kits, exclusive canvases, visiting teachers.  My head is already spinning at the thought!  And a new ground breaking, long distance instructional class option is in the works.  It’s gonna blow your mind!

I haven’t stitched as much this year as I would have liked.  But here it goes.



winter-tree summer-3 spring-tree-1fall-tree-finished

lighthouse-big-doneberry-basketreindeer-AL penguins-finished Owl-and-skunk-(2) mrs-claus-feet-1 garden-birdhouseelf thistle-2 rt-66-finished birdhouse-garden-finished


This ornament was for my husband, Ray, this year.


This one was for my little guy, Trip.fourth-of-july-finished

At long last, I finally finished the Fourth of July Parade.


And this one is for my precious dog, Bella.

Now that I look at this, I guess I stitched a lot!  But if only you knew how many pieces I started this year.  Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to show my works in progress.

Thank you for reading my blog and supporting my shop.

Happy New Year!


  1. Anne Bloom says:

    I love your blog and may have to try and come north from Montgomery, AL this year. Your retreat really appeals to me! I love the piece with the 3 penguins and the Christmas tree. Does it have one of your stitch guides?

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