Holiday Weekend

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I know I did!  I need to get my fat pants out!  LOL!

The Enriched Stitch is open today, Black Friday from 10-3 and we’ll be open tomorrow on Small Business Saturday from 10-3.  Be sure to stop by and pick your coupon out of the hat for up to 50% off your entire purchase.  Yep . . you read that right!

Anywhere from 10-50% off!

We’ve got floor and table stands, Koncept lamps, bags, self finishing items and so much more!











Greatest lamp EVER!!!!!!  I’ve got a blog on them coming up showing you just how much of a difference this lamp makes.  It will change your life!

If you need a quick last minute gift for the holidays you can fit any 4 x 4 canvas into these glass topped coasters.

These gorgeous lacquer boxes come in six colors and fit any 5 x 5 canvas.  Just take it to our framer and she’ll pop it in the box for you in a few days.

I need to stitch up a few last minute gifts myself.  Hmmmm . . . which one to choose?

Winter Class Schedule

Our winter class schedule is packed!!!!  Here’es just a few of the classes we’ll be teaching this winter.


I’ll also be teaching embellishment classes once a month.   This class is limited to 6 students so definitely don’t wait on this one!

Here’s how it works.  You purchase a canvas from the shop and I will write a custom stitch guide, typed and with diagrams.  You’ll spend the day at the shop learning all the elements of your personalized guide.  I’ll tailor the guide to your skill level so it’s not too easy and not crazy hard.  But you’ll learn a lot, have a lot of fun and spend the day with other stitchers.  You need to submit your canvases to me at least a month before the class so I can write the guide.

Hop on over to the website to see all the classes we’re offering in January, February and March.  There’s tons more.  Some are technique classes on beading and ribbon or just straight up technique.  We all need to “Tighten Your Technique!”

I’m sure you’ll find something you’re interested in!

Let’s Talk Turkey

Not about actual turkey . . .we’ve all got that on our minds. Let’s talk about Turkey Work!

Most of my customers are terrified of Turkey Work. They start to break out in a sweat when I mention it. Maybe this will relieve some of your anxiety about it.

The first problem is that it’s a multi-step stitch and the diagram doesn’t look anything like what your desired outcome should be.

You tell me how that’s supposed to look like fur?

Here’s a simpler way that I break it down in my stitch guides.

Step 1: Brick Stitch over 2

Step 2: Come up in the middle of the Brick Stitch

Step 3: Go over two holes (either direction) and go back into the canvas. Leave a loop.

Step 4: Come up to the right (or left if you are working to the left) of where you just went back into the canvas. HOLD THE LOOP!

Step 5: Do a brick stitch over 2 back over where the looped stitch went into the canvas. This lock the loop in.

Step 6: Continue working the same direction. Start your next loop in the hole where the last loop went into.

Tip 1: Stagger each row.

Tip 2: You will be left with an area that you can’t do a brick stitch over two. That’s ok. Just do a little horizontal stitch over 1 to fill the area. Do this at the top and bottom of the tail. Once you cut the loops, you won’t be able to see it.

Tip 3: Work the rows in both directions. Follow the diagrams above, but work to the left. If you have trouble, work them all to the right.

Tip 4: Leave your loops long. Theyr’e much easier to hold down. Yes . . .you waste a ton of thread with this stitch.

Tip 5: Wait until you finish the section to cut the loops. You will regret if you don’t wait. Trust me!

Here’s a picture of a piece I’m working on. I wish I could show you the entire piece but it’s a new design for the Spring Show so I have to keep it a secret. This looks like a hot mess after you’re done stitching and you probably can’t imagine how it’s going to turn into a well trimmed fur.

After you cut the loops and trim it a bit it looks like this. Better, but not quite what you’re looking for. Get yourself a pair of curved needlework scissors. They make the job a lot easier.

Keep trimming little by little and it will start taking shape. It’s easiest to fine tune it once your piece is off stretcher bars. I’ve got some more work to do on this.

I hope you feel a little less intimidated by Turkey Work after reading this. Now, I’m sure you all have to get back to grocery shopping and cooking.

Go Red with Thread 2019

Hot off stretcher bars!  The new design by yours truly for Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery for our 3rd annual Go Red with Thread Fundraiser to support charities for heart healthy causes!

Patchwork Heart – Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery

If you’re not familiar with this, I’ll tell you all about it.  A few years ago, a customer of ours, Bill, new to stitching at the time, started stitching to do something to chill out.  He tried yoga, meditation (got kicked out of that class) and a few other things.  His neighbor suggested he try needlepointing. A few weeks after we met him, he came back with a finished piece and said that his blood pressure had dropped 10 points since he started stitching.  I know we’ve heard this before, usually in regards to knitting (ugh  . . .sorry to all you knitters out there lol), but why can’t needlepoint get the same nod?

So, I worked with three designers for the first two years, Amanda Lawford, Melissa Prince and Leigh Designs to come up with some really cool designs for this fundraiser.  I’ve been a little sidetracked this year with everything that’s been going on, two trade shows, moving the shop and a retreat, so we’ve got one really cool piece.

I call it the “Patchwork Heart.”  What’s really cool about this piece is that there are 13 different stitches, so it works as a teaching piece and a sampler for you to use on other pieces going forward.

The Enriched Stitch will be hosting a stitch in on February 9th.  It’s a $25 donation to attend.  Please register in advance because this event fills up really fast.  Lunch is included and you can stitch on whatever you want.  Or, you can work on this heart or any of the Go Red with Thread pieces from previous years.  I’ll be teaching a class on the heart from 1-3 that day.  All the previous kits are featured below and we can certainly put any of them together for you.

Wonderland Heart – Amanda Lawford/Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery

Heart of Hearts – Amanda Lawford/Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery


Mediterranean Diet – Melissa Prince Designs

Paint the Town Red – Melissa Prince Designs

Lady in Red – Leigh Designs

Red Tails at Sunset – Leigh Designs

I know I have followers all around the world and you can’t possibly attend our stitch in.  But, here’s the good news.  . .any shop can hold  a stitch in and participate.  So, contact your local shop and see what they’ve got going on.

All the kits can be ordered online or give us a jingle in the shop!  203-210-5107

My piece went off to the finisher today.  I can’t wait to get it back!

Sale on Bags

Sadly, summer is over. But I’ll be honest…I LOVE the fall. We’ve got lots of new things coming in for the holiday season so we need to make a little room in the shop. All the bags featured below are 50% off! They are on sale while supplies last. The prices are featured above the picture of the bags.

Frame 1- Original Price $40. Now $20

Frame 2 – Original Price $75.  Now $37.50

Frame 3- Original Price $40. Now $20

Frame 4 – Original Price $68.  Now $34

Frame 5 – Original Price $68.  Now $34

Frame 6 – Original Price $15.  Now $7.50


Frame 7- Original Price $30.  Now $15


Frame 8 – Original Price $25.  Now $12.50


Frame 9- Original Price $68.  Now $34

Give us a call!  203-210-5107

Halloween Sale

Halloween is over but it’s never too early to get started on decorations for next year.

All in stock Halloween canvases are 30% off now through November 10th.  Give us a call if there’s anything that catches your eye!


November Newsletter

We’ve got a lot going on here at The Enriched Stitch.  Wouldn’t have it any other way!
Associated Talents Trunk Show
All in stock and special orders from trunk shows are 20% off!





Click here to see the full collection of designs
Give us a call to place trunk show orders or stop by the shop and see the show in person!
Melissa Prince Meet and Greet
Stop by the shop on Friday November 30th and meet the one and only Melissa Prince!  She’ll have a bunch of canvases with her and we have a ton in the shop already.  You don’t want to miss this!
On Saturday December 1st, Suzie will be teaching an embellishment class from 10-3 on any Melissa Prince canvas.  There’s two spots still available in class so don’t wait too long to sign up!
 Pick any of her designs (as long as it’s in stock) and Suzie will select stitches and threads for your piece.

Melissa also released a new design
 “Paint the Town Pink”
Preorder your kit now by calling the shop.  Suzie will be stitching the piece and writing a guide.

It’s 5 x 5 on 18 mesh and would look fabulous in our hot pink lacquer box!

Winter Class Schedule
The schedule isn’t complete yet, but here’s a few classes to tempt you.  The complete class schedule will be announced in a few weeks.
12th: Canvas Embellishment with Suzie
17th: Ribbon 101
24th: Silly Little Birds
26th: Thunder Series
7th: Ribbon 101
14th: Heart Embellishment
21st: Mary Susan’s Bee
23rd: Canvas Embellishment with Suzie
16th: Canvas Embellishment with Suzie
There will be more classes and details to come
Stitching Groups
Would you like to plan a trip to The Enriched Stitch?  We will customize a class for your stitching group and you can have Suzie to yourselves!  Our dates are filling up fast.  Give the shop a call to talk to Suzie about setting up a special event for you and your friends!
Last Minute Gifts
Finishing deadlines have come and gone for this holiday season, but don’t worry . . .you can still make a gift for someone “needlepoint worthy”
These custom boxes have a 5 x 5 opening, which can fit that size canvas or a 4 x 4 with a matte or a border added to it.  

They come in 6 colors

And of course . . .black

  They make the most beautiful gift and you can have them finished for the holidays.
You can call the shop to order or order them in the online store.  Just click on the color you want and it will take you right to it.
Self Finishing Coasters
If you’re in a bind for finishing for a gift, these coasters fit any 4 x 4 canvas!  Trim the edges and pop the canvas in and you’re done!
New Stitch Guides
You know we’re always busy stitching and writing guides.  Here are the newest ones available.
Holiday Hours
 Thanksgiving Week
Tuesday November 20th 10-3
Wednesday November 21st 10-12
Closed Thanksgiving
Open Friday November 23rd 10-3
Open Saturday November 24th 10-3
We will be closed December 23rd-January 1st for the holidays.  We’ll be back on January 2nd with regular business hours
Studio Times
Tuesday 12:30-2:30 with Suzie
Thursday 10:30-12:30 with Suzie
Saturday 10:30-12:30 with Suzie
Can’t make those times?  We’re happy to schedule a private lesson with you.
Be sure to call ahead or email to reserve a place in studio time
Don’t Miss a Thing!
2019 Finishing Deadlines
Valentine’s Day: December 1st
Easter: January 2nd
Fourth of July: March 1st
Halloween: July 17th
Thanksgiving: August 9th
Early Christmas: August 10th

Funky Flowers Club

Introducing our newest club!


There are 4 canvases in total.  4 x 4 on 18 mesh.  Perfect size and a quick stitch!  Each kit includes the canvas, stitch guide and threads.

There’s lots of fun flower techniques and so much more packed into these little guys



The club starts January 2019 (I can’t believe I’m talking about 2019).  You must sign up by December 1st to be included in the first shipment.

You can sign up online by clicking here or give us a jingle at the shop.


Here’s the best part about these 4 x 4 canvases . . .they fit perfectly into the self finishing coasters.  Pick your color coaster, trim the edges and pop them in!  And you’re done!  These were SO much fun to stitch.  I hope you join in the fun!

Mark Your Calendars!

Melissa Prince will be in the shop on November 30th!

So pack your bags and take a road trip to The Enriched Stitch!  Melissa is coming all the way from Dallas and will be here for a meet and greet and will have a suitcase of canvases with her.  (Not like I don’t have tons of her canvases in the shop already. LOL!)

Melissa is a dear friend of mine.  We spend hours on the phone nearly every day.  She has been a mentor and friend to me and is just the coolest chick!  You’re gonna love her!

To top things off, I’ll be teaching and embellishment class the day after on December 1st for ANY Melissa Prince canvas.  There will be plenty to choose from.  But, if there’s something in particular you want to work on during class, let me know as soon as possible so I can make sure she has it in stock and brings it with her.

You all know by now I’ve stitched a ton of her designs.

I just love them!

They’re fresh and funky, with lots of room to play with stitches and techniques.


Class is limited to 6 people and will run from 10-3 on Saturday December 1st.  Class fee is $75 and includes lunch and a ton of fun and wild ideas for your canvas.  Give the shop a call to sign up!  203-210-5107

Pop on over to her website to see the full line and let me know what you want to work on during class. Good luck picking just one!


Paint the Town Pink

Break out the bubbly!  There’s a new Melissa Prince design!

“Paint the Town Pink”

I can’t wait to get a needle in this new canvas!   I have it all planned out how I’m going to stitch it.   Beads on the shoes. . .metallics on the Eiffel Tower . . .and I’ve got some fun ideas for the background, champagne flute . . .and oh the flowers!  They’re gonna be really cool.   You know I’ll be writing a guide for this and kitting it up.  Give the shop a call if you’d like to preorder your kit.  203-210-5107

It measures 5 x 5 on 18 mesh.  Just like “Paint the Town Red”

Melissa and I collaborated on this piece for my “Go Red with Thread” fundraiser a few years back.   I loved stitching the first one SO much that I am so excited she designed another one like it.

  Melissa is a breast cancer survivor . . .22 years cancer free!  SO this is a really important piece for her.  A portion of the proceeds from the design will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Stitch one for someone you know . . .or simply because it’s so darn pretty!