What I’ve Been Up To

  Between all my doctors appointments, running the shop and struggling through the adjustment of my son entering the dreaded middle school years, life has been a little crazy. But, I’ve managed to squeeze some stitching and painting in between everything.

My mom’s birthday was this weekend.  So, seeing as how the woman has everything, I stitched up this little pug by Melissa Prince this weekend for her.  She lost her beloved pug a year or so ago.  I lovingly refer to Pugsly as her seventh child.  Yep!  You read that right.  I’m one of six kids.

I got some finishing back.  I just love how this finisher decorates the stand up pieces.  I taught this piece a few months ago at the shop.  I don’t know about you, but I think it’s adorable!

I have some exciting news to share.  My stitch guide for Melissa Prince’s abstract reindeer is being published in the November/December issue of Needlepointers magazine.  That’s the magazine compiled by the American Needlepoint Guild for their members.  So, if you’re a member, be sure to check it out!

I’ve been stitching on the Winter Birdhouses that Kelly Clark taught at the shop last month.  No, that’s not piece featured below.  That’s Kelly’s piece.  Mine is not nearly done.  It’s so interesting working with someone else’s stitch guide.  And nice for a change not to have to write one!

We had  number of customers who weren’t able to make the class.  So, we’re going to get together every couple of weeks to work through the guide.  Let us know if you want to join in!

I know it seems like I don’t stitch as much as I used to.  Here’s why.  Usually I’m stitching on new pieces for the next show so I can’t show you until right before the show.  But, here’s a sneak peek of a new series that I’ve painted that will be available in March.  I had so much fun creating the hairstyle!

20% off Stitch Guides in Online Store

20% off Stitch Guides in Online Store!

Now through October 26th


Our Stitch Pink Sale continues this week!
A portion of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to Young Survival Coalition to support breast cancer
Discount will automatically be applied to your order
All guides are instant download so you will have them immediately!
You will not receive a printed copy in the mail.  The file will be emailed directly to you!



Available only on stitch guides in the online store.
Discount does not apply to orders placed in store

Stitch Pink Sale Week 2 – Lacquer Boxes and Coasters

We’re continuing our month of sales and promotions to benefit the Young Survival Coalition to support breast cancer.

This week all IN STOCK lacquer boxes and coasters  are 20% off now through Saturday October 19th

Custom made lacquer box
5 x 5 opening to insert a canvas of that size or smaller
Total dimensions 8 (w) x 8 (l) x 4 (h)

Slim Line Coasters
4 x 4 opening
Elegant Coasters
4 x 4 opening
Christmas Coaster
4 x 4 opening
canvas not included
Lime Green
Shine Gold
Burl Wood
Hot Pink
Boxes Regular Price $190
Sale Price $152
Coasters Regular Price $40
Sale Price $32
A portion of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to Young Survival Coalition to support breast cancer
   Call the shop to order while supplies last.
When the boxes are gone it will be 6 months before we get more in.

Sale! Sale! Sale!!!!

We’re kicking off our month of sales with our canvas sale! A portion of the proceeds of all the sales this month will be donated to a wonderful charity, Young Survival Coalition, that provides support for women under 40 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ talked about that in the previous blog post. I know most of you have scrolled past this and are already looking at our canvases. So let’s get to the good stuff!

All canvases are 20% off now through Saturday October 12th. AND… threads purchased at the same time for a sale canvas are 10% off!

You know the drill by now. Give us a call or send us an email to get more info or to order. Refer to the frame number BELOW the picture and a brief description of the canvas.  If we don’t answer, please leave us a message because we’re on the other line helping another customer.  Leave a number where we can reach you and we will get back to you ASAP.



Frame 1

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Frame 100

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Damn!  That’s a lot of canvases!  Give us a call or shoot us an email if you’d like to order or to get more info.  And don’t forget that threads for sale canvases are 10% off at the time of purchase!



Stitch Pink

Unless you live under a rock, you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  A year ago, I painted a piece for this cause, having no idea that I would become one of the 1 in 8 women afflicted by this disease.  My life changed on January 14th, 2019.  . . for better and worse.

Being so young, at age 40, I was pretty sure that I was going to die from this.  The majority of people diagnosed with breast cancer are significantly older than me.  So, I assumed that I must have it worse.  In some ways, I do.   Being thrown into medically induced menopause overnight really threw me for a loop.  I now feel your pain with regards to hot flashes!

But, I’m one of the lucky ones.  I have the most wonderful support behind me.  My dear husband, my family and friends and all the women at the shop, pulled me through the most difficult time in my life.  I don’t know how I would have run the shop if it weren’t for my girls. They are the best!

 Not to drone on about the details of my medical history, because that is encyclopedic at this point, but I do have a point.  It was detected early, and only because I went for my first mammo at the recommended age 40 (which now insurance is pushing to raise to 45 but that’s another topic).  There are many young women diagnosed with breast cancer each year.  And what’s terrifying is those numbers are increasing.  Most research is focused on the typical population dealing with this disease.  Young women . . .and I mean significantly younger than me . . .are dealing with this as well.  But it seems to get swept under the rug.

I stumbled upon a fabulous charity, Young Survival Coalition, that focuses on helping young women going through the journey of breast cancer.  When deciding where I wanted to donate the proceeds from “Stitch Pink,” I wanted to support a charity that helps people in ways that insurance won’t cover.

So, not only have I collaborated with Melissa Prince and Two Sisters Needlepoint on the three pieces for the fundraiser this year, I’ve decided that a portion of the proceeds of the sale at The Enriched Stitch (my retail store if you haven’t figured that out already), will be donated to this wonderful charity.

Melissa also designed “Paint the Town Pink” last year that I stitched for her.

Melissa is also a breast cancer survivor and was diagnosed at 39.  I won’t tell you how many years ago so you can’t figure out how old she is. LOL!

But wait . . .I’m not done!  I haven’t gotten to the best part yet!

Each week this month, we will be having a different sale or promotion at The Enriched Stitch.  This week, our canvas sale starts tomorrow and goes through Saturday.  All canvases will be 20% off and threads purchased for those canvases at the time will be 10% off.

I’ll post the blog later today with pictures of our canvases.

The next two weeks will also have special sales and promotions, but you’ll have to stay tuned for that.

Also, we’ll be offering a bonus third finishing sale.  All finishing dropped off or mailed in by November 9th will receive a 10% discount!  Most of our finishing deadlines for the holidays have passed.  However, we can still take flat ornaments with or without monogramming until November 1st.  Yep . . .you read that right!

I’m sure every one of you reading this has been affected by breast cancer.  Whether you have gone through this personally or watched a loved one go through it, none of us are untouched by it.  I’d like to say that we need to find a cure . . .and that would be the best option.  But, for now, we can help those in need.

October Newsletter

Tropical Birds Club
If you joined our Silly Little Birds club last year you’re gonna love this club!
We have a new club starting in January.  These designs are adapted from the artwork of Scott Partridge through Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery

There are five canvases in total.

4 1/2 inch round on 18 mesh

Sign up by October 15th to be included in the first shipment.

You can sign up by calling the shop or

October is breast cancer awareness month.  This disease affects 1 in 8 women.  Everywhere you turn,  you know someone who has been affected by breast cancer. We will have special promotions throughout the month and a portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to a breast cancer support charity. 
So stay tuned for that!
Suzie Vallerie, Melissa Prince and Two Sisters Needlepoint teamed up to bring you three fabulous pieces in support of this great cause.
All three canvases have stitch guides.  You can click on the names below to purchase the kits.
We will be offering a class on all three pieces in the shop on October 24th from 10-12

October Trunk Shows!!!

Two of my favorites at the same time! Boy am I in trouble!
Here’s a few pieces we’ve stitched by Charlie Harper.
And here’s a few from Ewe & Eye

All trunk show canvases and special orders from the trunk show are 20% off

Kelly Clark is coming back!
 October 16-18th
Kelly will be in the shop teaching this amazing piece in a few weeks.  We still have one spot open if you want to join in the fun.
Can’t make it to the class?  We’re happy to send you a kit. This will be the one time we have all the threads called for on the thread list.  When we’re out of the threads we don’t carry we’re out!

The canvas is 7.25 x 11 on 18 mesh
Class is three days: October 16, 17, 18 from 10-4
Class fee is $300 and includes 3 days of instruction and lunch
 I hope you can make it!  If you’ve never taken a class with Kelly you’re in for a real treat!
Call or email to sign up or to order a kit!
Needlepoint University
You don’t need to enroll in this school!  Suzie will be hosting a FREE lecture series on Saturday October 12th and 26th at 10.  She’ll pick a different needlepoint topic each week to discuss.
Here’s the really cool part . . .if you can’t make it to the shop, the lecture will be live streamed on our Facebook page!
We’re bringing The Enriched Stitch to you!
Studio Times
Tuesday 12:30-2:30
Thursday 10:30-12:30
Saturday 10:30-12:30
Can’t make those times?  We’re happy to schedule a private lesson with you.
Be sure to call ahead or email to reserve a place in studio time
Don’t Miss a Thing!
2019 Finishing Deadlines
Stockings and Bricks: October 1st
Flat Ornaments: November 1st
All other holiday deadlines have passed.  Contact us with any questions.

Destination Dallas Recap

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks!  I finally got my head above water from the show yesterday.  It’s really hard exhibiting and buying for the shop at the show.  I run out when I can to go shopping and literally make piles and say I’ll be back.  The hard part is remembering where I left my trail of breadcrumbs. LOL!

Here’s some pics of our rooms for Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.


We had a beach themed window and a bird themed window.


These stitched pieces were a huge hit!

Mary Susan stitched the “Happy Snowman” now known as Henry.

You’ve got to give him a name after all!

The “Three Cardinals in the Snow” sold out in the first few hours.

The “Butterfly for Hope” was a huge hit, as well.  This piece is part of “Stitch Pink.”

We came home with hundreds of new canvases.  Here’s a few of them.

One of my favorite things about going to the shows is seeing the stitched pieces and the finishing.

Brenda Stofft’s newest creation is this precious little fox.  She is teaching this as a class and I’m tempted to have her come to the shop because I have no idea how she did most of this!


Tapestry Fair has these fun reindeer and there’s other friends that go with them.

Pippin has this adorable crab canvas that you can make into a Tic Tac Toe board.  How cool is that?  Totally need that for my beach house basement!

I’ve brought a few new thread lines into the store.  I just can’t stop myself when it comes to new threads.

Rainbow Gallery has a new furry thread called Eyelash.  I can’t wait to play with this!

I also brought in Painter’s Threads Ribbon Floss and Kreinik 8 Braid.

I would say the hottest canvas from the show had to be the Downton Abbey movie coasters from Melissa Prince.  I don’t know about you . . . but I’m thinking a club with these next year.  What do you think?

I know I’ve been a little MIA lately, but I’m back in the saddle.  We’ve got a ton of great things planned this month to in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So stay tuned!



New Scott Partridge Designs

I just love the artwork by Scott Partridge and putting it to needlepoint.  They are so much fun to stitch!

I call this one “Christmas Cutie”

This little guy cracks me up.

And then I did a new series for a club that will start in December/January.


If you’re interested in joining the club, contact your local shop to see if they are participating.

Here are some other pieces I’ve stitched from Scott.

Aggie stitched these chickadees that I released a year and half ago.

We also did a club last year called “Silly Little Birds.”

Mary Susan stitched the “Tipsy Chickadees”

Mary Susan also stitched the blue birds.

  Click here to see everything from Scott.

New Stitched Pieces

We’ve been stitching away this summer to bring you new guides.

Amanda Lawford painted these two gorgeous fish for Dallas last year and we had to stitch them for our beach themed window.

Linda stitched the pink fish.  I love the beads she added into the coral.  It’s just fabulous!

I stitched the second fish.  We made sure that the sand, water and border were the same so the pieces went together.  After all, they are companion pieces!

You know how much I love hydrangeas.  I can’t get enough of them!  This is a new design from Amanda that we collaborated on.  I forced myself to come up with a new technique for the hydrangeas.  It would be boring to keep doing the same things I’ve done before!

Hot off the stretchers bars is Mary Susan’s Happy Snowman.  I love his hat . . . love the background. .  .love it all!

I finally finished stitching the Three Cardinals in the snow from a few years ago.  This is one of my favorite Amanda pieces of all time.

Summer might be over but these are two new designs that I stitched.  The stitch guide is posted FREE on the blog if you scroll back you’ll find it.


We have a new club that is offered through all needlepoint stores.  Everyone loved the Silly Little Birds club with the artwork of Scott Partridge so I thought we’d do a tropical bird club.  These were so much fun to stitch!  Mary Susan stitched the colorful parrots and Kim stitched the Macaw.  They are so bright and happy!


Don’t forget about the “Hopeful Butterfly” canvas!

We’ve been very busy and we’ve got more to show you!