New Stitched Pieces

We’ve been stitching away this summer to bring you new guides.

Amanda Lawford painted these two gorgeous fish for Dallas last year and we had to stitch them for our beach themed window.

Linda stitched the pink fish.  I love the beads she added into the coral.  It’s just fabulous!

I stitched the second fish.  We made sure that the sand, water and border were the same so the pieces went together.  After all, they are companion pieces!

You know how much I love hydrangeas.  I can’t get enough of them!  This is a new design from Amanda that we collaborated on.  I forced myself to come up with a new technique for the hydrangeas.  It would be boring to keep doing the same things I’ve done before!

Hot off the stretchers bars is Mary Susan’s Happy Snowman.  I love his hat . . . love the background. .  .love it all!

I finally finished stitching the Three Cardinals in the snow from a few years ago.  This is one of my favorite Amanda pieces of all time.

Summer might be over but these are two new designs that I stitched.  The stitch guide is posted FREE on the blog if you scroll back you’ll find it.


We have a new club that is offered through all needlepoint stores.  Everyone loved the Silly Little Birds club with the artwork of Scott Partridge so I thought we’d do a tropical bird club.  These were so much fun to stitch!  Mary Susan stitched the colorful parrots and Kim stitched the Macaw.  They are so bright and happy!


Don’t forget about the “Hopeful Butterfly” canvas!

We’ve been very busy and we’ve got more to show you!


Dallas Here We Come!

I have been swamped lately. Between getting ready for Dallas and tons of doctors appointments, I wasn’t sure how prepared I was going to be for this show.  But, now that I’ve got everything done, except for some last minute stitching and hopefully painting a few new little pieces, I feel like I can breath again.

I’ve got some really awesome things coming from my wholesale line, Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.  Amanda Lawford has done some new designs.  Personally, I think this crab that she painted is the most beautiful piece she’s ever done.

It’s 11 x 11 on 18 mesh and I can’t wait to get a needle in it!  I’ve found some really cool new techniques I want to try on this piece.  I’ve ordered a bunch of new threads and colors so I can really go to town on this piece and do it justice.

I’ve got a new retailers club that will debut this weekend.  A retailers club is available through any shop so be sure to contact you LNS for more info about it.  Mary Susan, Kim and I had a blast stitching them!

If you missed it when I first posted, Melissa Prince, Two Sisters Needlepoint and I collaborated on a fundraiser for breast cancer this year.


Two Sisters                                                   Melissa Prince

I tried my hand at a different style of painting.  Usually I’m more of a stitch painted designer.  But the funny thing is that what I really like to stitch are the really beautiful shaded designs.  So, I thought I’d give it a whirl.

These little guys are 4 inch rounds on 13 mesh.

I’ve got over 40 new designs.  Not quite as many as I had last year, but I’ve had a little thing called cancer get in the way. LOL!  We’ve got a lot of new stitched pieces that I’ll be showing you throughout the weekend.  So be sure to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on all the new releases.I can’t wait to share them all with you!




End of Summer Sale- All in stock canvases 25% off!

Summer is over.  My little guy just left for his first day of middle school.  I’m a little traumatized this morning.  So, to cheer myself up and for all of you who are mourning the end of summer, I’d thought we’d have a sale.  All in stock canvases are 25% off now through Saturday!

The sale starts today, August 27th and ends on Saturday August 31st.

You can call, email or stop by the shop to purchase. We’ll ship anywhere! Please refer to the frame number ABOVE the picture when you are referencing a canvas. This makes it so much easier to find the canvas you can’t live without.

So, take a good look through at all of our canvases and give us a call or shoot us an email to order. Please don’t make comments on the blog about wanting a canvas. The notifications on the blog don’t come through as quickly as phone calls or emails. If we don’t answer, we’re on the other line helping another customer. Please leave us a message with a phone number that you can be reached at and we will call you back as soon as we finish up with the other customer.


Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3

Frame 4

Frame 5

Frame 6

Frame 7

Frame 8

Frame 9

Frame 10

Frame 11

Frame 12

Frame 13

Frame 14

Frame 15

Frame 15

Frame 16

Frame 17

Frame 18

Frame 19

Frame 20

Frame 21

Frame 22

Frame 23

Frame 24

Frame 25

Frame 26

Frame 27

Frame 28

Frame 29

Frame 30

Frame 31

Frame 32

Frame 33

Frame 34

Frame 35

Frame 36

Frame 37

Frame 38

Frame 39

Frame 40

Frame 41

Frame 42

Frame 43

Frame 44

Frame 45

Frame 46


Frame 47

Frame 48

Frame 49

Frame 50

Frame 51

Frame 52

Frame 53

Frame 54

Frame 55

Frame 56

Frame 57

Frame 58

Frame 59

Frame 60

Frame 61

Frame 62

Frame 63

Frame 64

Frame 65

Frame 66

Frame 67

Frame 68

Frame 69

Frame 70

Frame 71

Frame 72

Frame 73

Frame 74

Frame 75

Frame 76

Frame 77

Frame 78

Frame 79

Frame 80

Frame 81

Frame 82

Frame 83

Frame 84

Frame 85

Frame 86

Frame 87

Frame 88

Frame 89

Frame 90

Frame 91

Frame 92

Frame 93

Frame 94

Phew!   That’s a lot of canvases!  Give us a call or shoot us an email!

Stitch Pink Fundraiser

 I’m sure you remember, dear readers, that I was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.  It’s been a tough year but I’m through the worst of everything now.  I’m so touched by how many of you have reached out to me, by phone, email or in person at the shop, just to see how I’m feeling or to share your own story with me.

After hearing from so many people, I was shocked by how rampant breast cancer is throughout the industry.  I know we are an industry of mostly women, and it’s not that surprising since 1 in 8 women have breast cancer, but needless to say I couldn’t believe that every time I told someone what was going on with me, more often than not they told me they had gone through it.

So, this year, I’ve turned my attention to a new charity to stitch for.  I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now!

Melissa Prince, Preston and Grace Lynch from Two Sisters Needlepoint and I, Suzie (yes that’s my first name . . .not Vallerie . . .a blog for another day), have joined forces and collaborated on the Stitch Pink Fundraiser.

We have created three new designs that are exclusive to shops that participate in a fundraiser of any kind in the month of October.

I designed the Butterfly for Hope which is available through my wholesale line, Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.  The canvas is 5 x 5 on 18 mesh.

Preston and Grace designed the Harlequin Rosebud Mini Shift which is available through Two Sisters Needlepoint.

2 1/2 x 4 on 18 mesh

Melissa Prince designed the Pink Ribbon Flamingos which is 5 x 5 on 18 mesh.

All the canvases have stitch guides by yours truly.

We will be hosting a stitch in at my shop, The Enriched Stitch, on October 26th from 10-3.  More details to come on that.  But you can sign up now!

We’re also taking preorders on the kits so that you have them in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  You can call the shop to order or you can click on the links below to order online.

Butterfly for Hope Kit

Pink Ribbon Flamingos Kit

Harelquin Rosebud Mini Shift Kit

I’m sure everyone reading has been affected by breast cancer in one form or another.  We all hope and pray for a cure.  But, until that day comes, we can contribute in some way to those who are fighting the fight.

September Stitch Along

I can’t take credit for the stitching on this one.  But it was too good to pass up!

Linda and Mary Susan decided to stitch this together and both of them came up with some pretty clever ideas for a simple ornament.

Here’s the really cool thing about this Stitch Along . . . it comes in two different color ways.

All the stitches will be the same for the green background design, we’ll just change up the threads for you.

The guide will be posted for FREE right here next month!

Give us a buzz at The Enriched Stitch to preorder your kit or you can order online.  Make sure you select the design you want.

Red Background Kit

Green Background Kit

I can’t wait to see the magic our finisher is working on it right now!.  Linda and Mary Susan are having them made into kissing balls.  They’re gonna be fabulous!

I hope you join in the fun!

Seahorse Stitch Along

If you haven’t heard about our monthly Stitch Along with Suzie, now you will!  We’re picking a different piece each month and posting the guide right here on the blog for FREE!

This month, I stitched this 4 inch round from Amanda Lawford, now owned by Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.  Yep . . .that’s me!

Here we go!

Thread List

Accentuate 043

Planet Earth 6-Ply Silk: Tart 1146, Green Foliage V1305

Soie d’Alger Creme

Sparkle Braid SK26

Splendor S1000

Threadworx Overdye Floss: 11381, 1064, 1065

1 Size 14 black bead

1 seashell bead

Black beading thread

Water: Threadworx Overdye Floss 11381 (2 strands).  Reverse the direction of the threads.  This means that you turn one of the threads the opposite direction so you disperse the variegation in the thread.  Use the overdye for the gray stitch in the diagram and Sparkle Braid SK26 for the white stitch in the diagram.


Sand: Upright Cross Variation – Soie d’Alger Crème (3 strands)

Seahorse: Tent stitch the peach, light green and off white areas of the body with PE 6-Ply Silk Tart, Threadworx 1064 and 1065 and Splendor S1000.  Use three strands of the PE Silk and 4 strands of the Threadworx and Splendor.  The single vertical and horizontal lines in the greens are done in Cross Stitches with the coordinating Threadworx threads.  Add a black bead for the eye with one strand of black beading thread doubled over in the needle.

Add long angled stitches for the spikes around the outside of the body with 3 strands of Soie d’Alger Crème.

The tail fin is done in long angled layered stitches with PE Tart and Threadworx 1064.  Use four strands of the Threadworx then stitch over that with two strands of the PE Tart.

Now for the leaves!

Use four strands of Threadworx 1065 in Raised Fishbone Stitch.

DO NOT follow this diagram exactly.  This is just the basic idea behind this stitch. Start with a long straight stitch starting at the tip of a leaf (the smaller point) to about halfway down the petal. Move directly to the left of the top of that stitch on the outside border of the leaf. You might end up moving down more canvas threads than that.  Follow the painted design.  Cross over to the right (#4) of where you started the first stitch. Come back up to the right of the first stitch (#5).  Come back down on the right outer edge of the leaf, directly across from the bottom of the first stitch.

You will continue down the length of the leaf. Until you get to the bottom.  At a point, you will be going into a used hole, such as #20 in the diagram.  You may have to fudge the bottom stitches to make it fit.  I strongly suggest watching the video on that demonstrates how to do this stitch.

To finish off the leaves, Stem Stitch the stems with four strands of the same thread.

You can sew on a seashell anywhere you want in the sand if you want.  If it doesn’t sit right on the canvas, you can always glue it on after you get your piece back from the finisher with E6000 glue.

You can order the canvas from any needlepoint shop.  But, The Enriched Stitch has the complete kits put together and ready to go!  You can call the shop to sign up or click here to order you kit online.


I’ll be posting our September Stitch Along with Suzie soon.  Stay tuned!

August Newsletter

We have a great lineup of classes this summer.

New Class – August 17th

Suzie will write a custom stitch guide for the piece of your choice. Spend the day learning lots of new techniques that will make your piece come alive.
We have one more spot in the class but you need to get the canvas to the shop by August 9th
Call the shop to sign up and for more details
Mrs. Claus Shift Class
Thursday August 22nd 10:30-12:30

This little cutie is the perfect addition to your tree!  Learn to work with a new thread . . .how to apply large embellishments and a fun new stitch.

Call to sign up or click here to order a kit!
Needlepoint University
You don’t need to enroll in this school!  Suzie will be hosting a FREE lecture series on Saturday August 10th and 24th at 10.  She’ll pick a different needlepoint topic each week to discuss.
Here’s the really cool part . . .if you can’t make it to the shop, the lecture will be live streamed on our Facebook page!
We’re bringing The Enriched Stitch to you!

August Trunk Show!!!!
These are the most beautiful canvases you will ever see!
All trunk show canvases and special orders from the trunk show are 20% off
Stitch Along with Suzie
   Each week, a part of the stitch guide will be released for FREE on the blog and on our Facebook page.  You’ll get tons of in depth details about how to stitch the piece along with a free guide!
Our July stitch along was a huge hit!
The kit comes with all the embellishments.
Beach Love
Stitch along with Suzie in August
Who knows what will be coming for September!
Old Crow Class
September 7th 10-3
Suzie will be teaching this Melissa Prince piece.  There’s so much packed into this piece!
Call the shop to sign up.  Class is limited to six students. Kits will be available for those of you who can’t make it to the class.
Kelly Clark is coming back!
 October 16-18th
She has a brand new design that we are in LOVE with!
We don’t have all the details yet but here’s what we know.
The canvas is 7.25 x 11 on 18 mesh
Class is three days: October 16, 17, 18 from 10-4
Class fee is $300 and includes 3 days of instruction and lunch
We’ll have more details on pricing in a few months after Kelly has stitched it.
Class size is limited to 10 so don’t wait to sign up!
Class fee is due at the time of signing up.  Kit fees are due about one month prior to the class.
 I hope you can make it!  If you’ve never taken a class with Kelly you’re in for a real treat!
Can’t make it?  We’re happy to send you a kit!
Call or email to sign up or to order a kit!
Destination Dallas Sneak Peek
Suzie and Amanda Lawford have been busy designing new canvases for the September show.  Here’s a few to tempt you!
 Studio Times
Tuesday 12:30-2:30
Thursday 10:30-12:30
Saturday 10:30-12:30
Can’t make those times?  We’re happy to schedule a private lesson with you.
Be sure to call ahead or email to reserve a place in studio time
Don’t Miss a Thing!
2019 Finishing Deadlines
Early Christmas: August 10th
Includes stand ups, gussetted ornaments, tree toppers and any other more complex finishing
Belts for Christmas: October 1st
Stockings: October 1st
Flat Ornaments: November 1st

Kelly Clark Class

Kelly has been busy stitching away on the Winter Birdhouse canvas that she will be teaching this fall at the shop.

I love getting texts from Kelly as she’s working on the piece to see what she’s up to.  She amazes me!

This poinsettia is gorgeous!  Kelly loves to play with felt.

Love the background!

Kelly stitching is so pretty.  I love how she uses composite stitches and multiple threads to create such interesting stitches.

How cool is the roof line and greenery on this birdhouse?  It looks really hard but it’s not!

Kelly always has the most fabulous embellishments.  And lucky for us, they come in the kit from Colonial Needle.

If you’ve been thinking about taking the class, now is the time to sign up.  Class registration will close at the end of the week.  If you can’t make it in person and would like us to send you a kit, call us by the end of the week as well so we can make sure you get all the special goodies that are in this kit while we’re putting together the kits for the class.

Class is October 16-18 from 10-4.  Hope you can join us!

Beach Love Stitch Along

It’s the perfect time of year to stitch this adorable little heart.  Especially for all you beach lovers out there!  I know many of you are very excited to get started on this piece.  So . . .here we go!

Let’s start with the thread list

Thread List

Entice E246

Kreinik 8 Braid 212

PE 6-Ply Silk Beach V1306

Petite Frosty Rays: PY201 or PY218, PY217

Sundance Size 11 Beads #250

Berry Beads

3 Mini Starfish

Beading Thread: White and Tan

We’re going to start with the sand.  Use Kreinik 12 Braid 212 for the white stitch in the diagram and3 strands of PE 6-Ply Silk Beach V1306 for the gray stitch in the diagram.  It’s best if you lay one row of the Kreinik and then stitch over it, rather than laying them all at once.  With the three strands of the silk, turn one of the strands the opposite direction of the others to break up the variegation in the thread.

Be sure to follow the numbering in the diagram, working the top stitch like Basketweave.  If you work it vertically or horizontally, it will look different on the front.

Stitch over the starfish.  You’ll sew them on as the last thing you do.

Let’s move on to the water.

Use Entice E246.  Just one strand.  Follow the diagram below.  You can stitch over the waves.  We’re gonna add them in after with Petite Frosty Rays PY217.

After you get the water stitched in, come back with PY217 and lay some long stitches or Stem Stitch the waves over what you have already stitched.

All that’s left is the ocean spray at the edge of the water.  For this, you can do Colonial or French Knots or mixing it up is even better.  Use PY217 and PY201 to make the knots.  Add is a few of the berry beads and white beads to fill in the little open spaces between the knots.

To sew on the starfish beads, use one strand of tan beading thread doubled over in the needle.  Make sure get those suckers on really tight!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our first Stitch Along with Suzie!  If you’re late to the game and you want us to send you a kit, we’ve got a few more left in stock.  Or, you can come back to this guide any time.  But, when we run out of the starfish beads and berry beads, that’s all she wrote.  So don’t wait too long!

You can join in the fun by calling the shop or click here to order in our online store.