Vineyard Merino Discontinued?

There’s been some confusion regarding the status of Vineyard Strandable Merino.  I received a letter from the company back in December stating that they would be discontinuing the thread line.  We were so bummed because we love that thread.

Apparently, the line is going to be revamped, consisting of only 43 colors.  In my opinion, a thread line, unless it a specialty thread, like Chenille or Facets, is not easily used when it has such limited colors.

We will no longer be carrying the thread at the shop, despite it’s attempt at a comeback.  I didn’t want anyone thinking I was trying to pull one over on you by saying a thread was discontinued when it technically isn’t.  But like I said, 43 colors is a very limited line when it comes to a wool.

So, we’re still running our promotion on the thread.  20 skeins for $60.  That’s nearly 50% off.

You can order in the online store.

The Price We Pay?

Sorry I didn’t port last week.  It was a CRAZY week!  We had a wonderful long weekend away in Vermont skiing over the holiday weekend.   So needless to say my Monday blogging and computer work didn’t happen last week.

 My little guy took a lesson learned how to ski.  There was no stopping him once he got the hang of it.  He’s gonna be hard to keep up with on the slopes soon!

I have to say, I was a little shell shocked at the price of an hour ski lesson.  $140/hour!  This got me thinking about when people say needlepoint is such an expensive hobby.  Let’s break it down.

Let’s take a 4 x 4 canvas, like one of Melissa Prince’s movie coasters is around $55.   It takes the average person about an hour to stitch a square inch in basketweave.  Threads obviously vary from piece to piece.  But let’s just say the threads cost $50.  Depending on how you finish the piece, that can vary greatly, as well.  I’ve finished the coasters many ways . . .framed, pillows, coasters.  So we’ll say on average the finishing is $100.  That’s 16 hours worth of entertainment and sanity with a completed project for the bargain price of about $205!  Doesn’t sound so pricey now. . .does it?

I’ve always felt as long as you’re doing something you love, you can’t put a price on the satisfaction and the way it fills your soul.


Have you stopped by the shop lately?

I know many of you who read my blog live too far away to come to the store.  Even though I know you are dying to!

But, if you are local, be sure to stop by.  We did some remodeling between Christmas and New Year’s.  We took down some canvas boards . . .changed the lights . . .and voila!  The store is so much brighter and open.

We have more room for you to sit and stitch.

And we’re not done yet!  We’re moving threads around and creating new displays.

After almost five years it was time to freshen up the place.  And boy did we!

Suzie’s Surprises

Do you follow us on Facebook?  If not . . .you’re going to want to now.  Every day, Tuesday-Saturday, I’ll be posting “Suzie’s Surprise.”

Basically, it’s a deal of the day.  I’ll feature a canvas and the threads that I would use on that design.

  Here’s the best part . . .the complete kit will be 10% off that day only for the first person who calls to order it.

 But wait . . .there’s more!  You’ll receive a FREE stitch guide with the kit. Yep . . .you read that right.

So, if you don’t follow us on Facebook, click here and like our page.

I bet you’re dying to know what the first canvas is.  Here’s a sneak peek.

But you’ll have to wait till tomorrow!

Fresh from the Showroom Floor

I just about flipped when I saw these new designs from Colonial Needle. They are really contemporary and fresh designs that come in various sizes for all of the self finishing products that they carry.

I was hoping someone would come out with new designs for the little 3 inch round jewelry boxes that we all love and adore and stitch up quickly as last minute gifts.

They come as shown below.  However, I will personalize a letter on the three inch round designs for you at no extra charge.  I working on this one for myself.  A rare treat to stitch something for myself. LOL!  So Tory Burch!

Snap trays make a great gift . . .especially for guys.

I love the turquoise box they call a sewing tool box.  I think it makes a lovely jewelry box, as well.

And these little bags are just too cute!

These designs are the creation of Tom, who’s father owns Colonial Needle.  Here’s all the designs from SOS Designs . . .also known as “Son of a Stitch.”  Get it?

As I said earlier, the designs come in seven different shapes and sizes.

Hopefully I will finish mine today or tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to post it when I’m done.  Maybe I’ll even make a video showing you just how easy it is to insert the canvas into the box.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Here’s a few of our favorite pieces celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Can you tell we like hearts?

This little cutie is from the Pepperberry Trunk show which is in the store through February.  All of the trunk show canvases are 20% off!

We hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones!

Hippity Hoppity . . .Easter is on the Way

I think I need a twelve step program for my Easter and bunny canvas addiction.  Isn’t admitting it the first step? LOL!

When I saw these new eggs by Kelly Clark at market I had to have them.  Apparently so did Becki and Mary Susan.  We stitched a few up nearly over night.  So, we decided to do a club.

The club will start in early April. I order the canvases as I receive the sign ups.  So don’t wait to sign up up or you might not receive your first canvas in April.  We’ll send all the threads with the first kit so there’s no keeping track of threads that came in earlier kits.  A lot of people have requested this and I think it’s a great idea.  I’d much rather have all my threads in one place.

I’m just a few beads shy of finishing this one.  I was gonna pop over to the store today but apparently the parking lot there is a sheet of ice.  Should be cleared up by tomorrow since it’s going to warm up.  But it’s not like I don’t have anything else to stitch. LOL!

Each canvas is $75 and includes the stitch guide.  We’re still putting the final touches on two of them so the thread list isn’t complete yet.  But, I can tell you that the three of us used many of the same threads throughout the series so there is plenty of repeat.

You can sign up by calling the shop or click here to sign up online.  There is a $150 deposit to sign up and we’ll disperse the deposit over four of the canvases and the fifth one will be at no extra charge since you’ve already paid for it!

I’ll be sure to post the other two canvases as soon as they are done!

Stitch Guide Sale

Just because we love our customers so much . . .  all of our stitch guides in the online store are 20% off through Tuesday February 14th!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

Here’s how it works.  Purchase the guide in our online store.  You will receive a confirmation email after your purchase with the link to download the guide.  The trick is that you have three days to download the file.  After that . . .the link expires.  So, be sure to download right after you purchase.

There are about 100 guides that you can download. How cool is this that they will just show up on your computer?

Enter the coupon code SG20 at the checkout to receive the discount.

(The SG is capitalized.)

 If you forget, there’s not much I can do about it once the sale is final.  So make sure you put that in, just like you would in using a discount code at any online retailer.

Click here to go to our online store.

Happy Shopping!

Thread Sale – 20 Threads for $60

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to one of our favorite threads, Vineyard Strandable Merino.  It is a lovely fine wool, reminiscent of Medici wool that we all loved.  Wiltex Threads has decided to discontinue the line.  Sad, but true.

So, we’re clearing out to make room for some of the new threads I bought at market.

Look at how beautiful the colors are.  So sad.  Truly sad.

 Limited Time Offer!!!

20 assorted skeins of Vineyard Strandable Merino for $60!!!  The thread typically retails for $6.50.  So this is MORE than a 50% discount!!

We’ll select a nice assortment of the threads and pop them in the mail to you.

You can order in our online store with one click!