Remastered and Resurrected

I have access to the thousands of designs that Amanda Lawford created throughout her career.  So, every once in a while, I’m going to pull a few out of the”vault” and also add my own style to her pieces.

To me, nothing is more classic than Amanda’s reindeer.

I thought this designs would be fun in other color ways.  So I did it!

We have what I call “Preppy Reindeer”

Jeweled Reindeer ( I can see this one stitched with the hot pink laser Kreinik color)

and the Cobalt Reindeer

I also thought a really fun design would be to take the New York City subway Christmas tree from the New York Santa and make that a small standup or larger ornament.

I didn’t know what the letters and numbers meant at first, but apparently they represent the subway lines.  If you spend a lot of time in the city you would know that.  I’ll admit, I’ve only been on the subway once in my life. I’m more of an Uber kinda girl. LOL!


The next pieces are just too beautiful to keep in the vault.

A few months ago, Vicky DeAngelis at Needlenook of La Jolla emailed and wanted to order the Heron canvas.  I told her that the master copy didn’t exist and it was lost to the world.  Well . . .a few days later, she emailed me and said she found a copy of the design and that it was the master copy.  The miracle of Facebook!  So, I sent the master off to my painters and a few months later . . .voila!  It’s back!  Thank you, Vicky!

I fell in love with the pieces from HP Designs.  Anyone want to stitch the two floral canvases for me?  They would be gorgeous in my living room!

There will be more designs released from the vault over time.  I’ve got my eye on a few in particular.

Funky Flowers Retailers Club

This secret has been killing me to keep!  Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery is offering a new retailers club starting in January 2019.

What that means is that this club is available through any shop.   They just need a minimum of three members to participate.


There are four canvases in total.  Each canvas is 4 x 4 on 18 mesh.  Here’s the really cool part  . . .they fit perfectly into the new self finishing coasters.  All you have to do is trim the edges of your canvas, leaving two canvas threads.  Then, make a diagonal snip at the corners and fold it in.  Bam!  Fits perfectly into the glass covered coaster!

Yep . . .you read that right . . .GLASS on top!

Ask your local shop about the new club.  They will have all the details.

I stitched the first three canvas and Kim, who works at the shop, stitched the last one.  Our needles have been on fire!


New From Scott Partridge

Scott Partridge’s artwork puts a smile on my face.  We loved stitching the pieces that came out in January so much I just had to put more into the line.

stitch guide by Suzie Vallerie

These little cuties are a companion piece to the 2 chickadees piece that came out in January. Same size . . .same fun

stitch guide by Suzie Vallerie

stitch guide by Aggie Aspinwall


The designs from the Silly Little Birds club are now available individually. And . . .they come with the stitch guide!


They also come on 13 mesh now and measure 7 x 7 for all you 13 mesh lovers!

Tell your local shop to stop by rooms 414 and 415 to see them in person!

The Heartland Collection

I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE stitching little hearts. SO, I had this idea . .The Heartland Collection.

The first group are what I call “Awareness Hearts.”  A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these designs will be donated to local charities.  Here’s another bonus . . . any of the hearts that I stitch will have FREE stitch guides that you can download on the website.  Right now I’ve only stitched one but give me time. LOL!


Down Syndrome

Pet Friends and Animal Shelters


Breast Cancer

Prostate Cancer


Transgender Community


Prostate Cancer – This one is for my father in law who just finished radiation treatment.


The theme of the show this year is “Peace, Love and Stitch.”  I think the next two make sense.  They are painted with all iridescent paints.   Wowzer!



Some of this next group was inspired by Amanda Lawford’s designs .  . .but with a twist.



Need a wedding gift?  Here you go!


The next group is the “Designer Collection.”  Some are fairly obvious but a few are a little trickier to guess.


Louis Vuitton



Lulu Lemon

Vineyard Vines

Polo/Ralph Lauren


There’s even a few on 13 mesh


The last group (for now) are the “Heritage Hearts”


I stitched the Irish American and Italian American hearts (since that’s my heritage) and had them finished as one ornament back to back.

They would also make a great gift for someone who is living over seas.


British American

Irish American

Italian American

Canadian American

Jewish American

French American

German American

Polish American

Japanese American

Mexican American

I have SO many ideas.  This is just the tip of the iceberg with this collection.

All the hearts are 4 inches on 18 mesh, except for those two I showed on 13 mesh.  Such quick and fun pieces to stitch!

Did Someone Say Self Finishing?

Introducing the easiest self finishing there is!  These glass topped coasters are available through the wholesale line, Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.  Any shop can order them for you.

These coasters fit any 4 x 4 canvas.  You can have beads and ribbon work on your stitched piece.  It’s amazing what fits in them!

The “Elegant Collection” comes in black, gold and pewter.

The “Slim Line Collection”  comes in orange, red, charcoal, sage green and chestnut.

All you have to do is trim the canvas leaving two canvas threads all around.  Make a diagonal cut at the corners and fold the edges in.  Super easy!  Pop your canvas in and voila . . .you’re done!

Did I mention the best part?  There is glass on the top so you don’t have to worry about anyone putting their sweaty glass on top of your beautiful needlepoint.  God forbid!  They might lose an arm!

New From Amanda Lawford

Amanda may have retired, but she’s still painting new designs.  We collaborated on most of these designs .  We went to the gift show in New York last winter and got a lot of inspiration.  Love . . .love . . .love the colors!

Stitch guide available for the bunny – I’ll show you the stitched pieces later

Stitch guide available for the flamingoes



5 1/2 x 5 1/2 on 13 mesh






4 x 4 on 18 mesh



Amanda was very busy painting this Spring.

Hop on over to the website for the dimensions and mesh sizes for all the designs.

New Designs!

The new designs have just been released on the Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery website!

Contact your local shop and tell them to stop by rooms 414 and 415 to place your order.

There are show specials, beginner kits (that are really cute designs) and self finishing coasters!  I’ve been dropping hints about a new self finishing product so there it is.  I’ll show you pictures in a later blog.


For now, here are my favorite of my new designs.

Breast Cancer Awareness Heart – Free stitch guide available to download online

Dragonfly Heart

Gucci Heart

Tiffany Heart

Hanging Around


Rose Crowned Fruit Doves


Regal Bunny




We celebrate every week in our house!

I guess I have to stop there.  I don’t know who I’m kidding . . .they’re all my favs!


Stay tuned!

Local Needlepoint Shop Day

Stop by the shop on Saturday September 29th for a very special day at The Enriched Stitch!  It’s a little later than most people are holding the event, but I like to host events like this on a Saturday so everyone who works during the week can attend.  I would do it on the 22nd, but I’m having 40 people to my house that night for my 40th birthday.  Yikes!  Let’s not talk about that. LOL!  Also, this way all our boxes from the show will be back in the shop so there will be even MORE goodies.

All the new designs from Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery will be on display, over 100 of them! We’ll be having various demonstrations that day of ribbon work, beading and other goodies.  We’ll also be releasing our fall class schedule so don’t miss out on being the first to sign up since the classes fill really fast.  I’ve got some new classes planned, as well as the basics.  Anyone who attends that day will receive a gift certificate for free studio time with Suzie and you will be entered into a drawing for a store gift certificate.  Sounds pretty good . . .right?

We’ll be there our usual hours from 10-3 so make sure to put it on your calendar.  It’s gonna be a blast!

Two Trunk Shows!

We have two fabulous trunk shows in the shop right now. I don’t usually do more than one trunk show at a time, but when a spot opened last minute for the Plum Stitchery trunk show I had to take it!

I love her designs. I think they are quiet and calm, the colors are very soothing, and there’s a really sweet quality to her designs.

Our other fabulous trunk show is Point2Pointe. I think this line is so cool! Nearly everything is self finishing. And it’s easy to finish yourself. Last year I stitched a pair of cufflinks for my husband for Christmas. There is a video on the designers website that shows you exactly how to do it. The only thing I would suggest is use a lot more E6000 glue than you think you would need.

There are key fobs, cuff bracelets, needle minders (totally have to make one of those for myself), wine bags, necklaces and coasters. You can mix and match your canvas of choice with whatever way you want to finish it. Super cool idea!

All the trunk show canvases and special orders are 20% off. Give us a buzz or stop by to check out the trunk show!

And We’re Off!

Destination Dallas is only 9 days away!  I can’t wait to show you everything!  There’s over 100 new designs, a new self finishing product that I absolutely love and a few other surprises in store.  There will also be a new retailers club offered by any shop throughout the country.

I have spent all summer working on this show.  If you’ve been in the shop, you know I haven’t been there too much this summer.  Plus, my little guy gets a little tired of hanging out at the shop, even though he basically plays on his computer there which is exactly what he does at home. LOL!  But he really hates when I put him to work hanging threads or helping me with a trunk show.


I packed up 8 huge boxes last weekend and FedEx picked them up yesterday.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much work goes into these shows by exhibitors.  We have to update prices lists and websites, photograph and edit the new designs, and all the other tedious things we have to do.  But it’s not all drudgery .  I love creating new designs and stitching the new pieces.  It’s so worth it when you open your door in Dallas.  There’s an energy at this show that is palpable.

Be sure to stay glued to Needlepoint Nation, my blog and other designers websites and Facebook pages next weekend.  I’ll be posting blogs throughout the show. And before you think how the heck is she writing blogs in the middle of the show, I’ll tell you a dirty little secret . . .I write them before hand and schedule them to publish at certain times.  I’m good but I’m not that good!  LOL!