25% Off Rebecca Wood Nativities through September 28th

Oh how I love nativities .  Let me count the ways.  If no one snaps it up in the trunk show, I just might have to keep the mini nativity for myself.  This set is tiny.  The characters are about 2 x 3

You must purchase a minimum of 6 pieces from a set in order to receive the 25% discount.

The regular 15% discount applies to any number of pieces.

mary babe




second angel shep and lamb shepherd standing camel

The next size up is a gorgeous set.  I have done the Holy Family for my mother.

blue king dome animals dome camel green wiseman shepherd yellow angel yellow wisemand

This set is the next size up.

515A 515B 515C 515D 515E 515F 515G 515H 515I

And here’s the big mama set.

615A 615B 615C 615D 615E 615F 615G 615H 615I 615J 615K


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