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I’ve come across a few new series that are just TO DIE for! Perfect for a club.  I can hear the sighs as you’re reading this.  You’re thinking, “Not another club.” I agree.  Monthly clubs are just too overwhelming.  We start on the first few canvases working furiously to get them done before the next one arrives.  It’s not just stitchers who find it hard to keep up. It’s a lot of work to get all of the right threads, pack up the kits and ship them out.

So, I have a solution.  We are currently offering the Melissa Prince birdhouse club, which ships every other month.  A 4 inch round is totally doable within two months. But, wouldn’t it be nice to finish a piece, work on something else, then have the next installment of the club arrive.  So, we will be offering two clubs next year.

Both of these clubs will ship quarterly, every THREE months.  Plenty of time.  No pressure.

The Four Seasons by Machelle Sommerville

tree 1


tree 2


tree 3


tree 4


Of course I’ve put a few stitches into the Winter canvas.  Who could resist? I can imagine these four pieces framed together, one big frame, not four individual ones (they never stay straight on the wall).  They go together to form one tree. How cool?

The other adorable series that didn’t even hit the shop floor are these bunnies by Melissa Shirley

bunny 1

I started with the “girl one” as my son called it.

bunny 2

Trip definitely preferred the blue bunny, as any five year old boy would.bunny 3 new bunny 4

The 4 Seasons club will start in January.  The bunnies will begin in February.  Call the shop or email for more information.

Pictures of progress will come. I promise.



  1. Harriet Davidson says:

    Good Morning

    I love the Seasons canvas’ Could you let me know what size, thread count and approximate price for them and the kits?

    A curious stitching mind wants to know!



  2. Diane Burgess says:

    I also love the Seasons canvases and would appreciate more info on size, thread count, types of fibers planned, and approximate price. Can we get just the canvases and not the fibers?

    As I’ve been cleaning up my craft area, I kept telling myself “no more canvases until I finish a few of these” but you’ve really piqued my interest with this one!


  3. Sherry Feagans says:

    I am very interested in the Melissa Shirley bunnies club. Would you please send me the cost per canvas? And when payment is due? Thanks so much!
    Sherry Feagans

  4. Julie Clark says:

    Love the Four Seasons canvases! What a unique idea with a built in motivator to finish all four. I am interested in the info about cost for each kit. Thanks so much.


  5. Anne Shaheen says:

    Same as Sherry Feagans—I need to know the cost for the bunnies—-canvases & guide, also cost of threads before I make any committment. Thank you for advising me of my questions. Never done a club before.

  6. Cynthia Floyd says:

    I’m definitely interested in the Season’s club. Also would like to know canvas thread count and size and appx cost. Thanks so much.

    • Enriched Stitch says:

      The price of the trees club will be $75 every quarter. This includes the canvas and stitch guide. Thread kits are additional. Thread kits must be purchased in order to include the stitch guide at no additional cost.
      The bunnies club is $90 every quarter. This includes the canvas and stitch guide. Thread kits are additional. Thread kits must be purchased in order to include the stitch guide at no additional cost.
      Stitch guides may purchased separately for $35.

  7. Christine Jones says:

    Love the Four Seasons!! Can already see it framed all four in one to form the tree! I’ll sign up when I’m in for the next March Winds Class…which was terrific…thanks Aggie!!

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