Here’s dress number three from Elizabeth Turner Collection. I just LOVE these dresses. While Meredith Willett was here last week (secretly the owner of that canvas design company) we talked about doing more of them. I’m on my fifth one now so I’m a little late in posting this.


She’s got boobs! I finally made them! Lol! As a woman who is well endowed (don’t hate me) I can say that this is the dress for women who aren’t so lucky.  I learned my lesson when I got married and had to have a strapless dress. Bad idea. And I don’t have very good posture. So, when I went for my dress fitting of course I wasn’t standing up straight. When the day came the photographer wants you to have perfect posture and stand up straight. Well…the dress came out three inches forward showing all my business. We had to pin my dress!


The little leaves on the bottom of the dress were quite a challenge. I tried a bunch of things but the fishbone stitch with flair over the light coverage bargello did the trick!

I’ve got a stitch guide for this one too (of course) and can kit you up one if you’d like.

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