Get the Kleenex

I’m serious . . .get the Kleenex.

Last February we lost a wonderful customer and friend, Mimi, to a long battle with cancer.  She would come whirling through the door with a huge smile on her face.  Yes . . .whirling . . .always in that good kind of tizzy where she had something very important to take care of with whatever piece she was working on.  She always put a smile on our face, with her random sayings that no one had ever heard of and her wisecracking.

Some of the women who work at the shop became very close with her.  They would stitch together at Cobbs Mill Inn, (which I could never make it to since I’m never allowed out of the shop.  lol!)  Mimi was planning on stitching a Christmas stocking for her first grandchild, but only got so far as to pick out threads and put a few stitches in because she was so ill.  So, when everyone knew the end was near, the girls promised to finish the stocking for her.

Mary Susan, Becki, Linda and Andrea from the shop, along with Debbie F. and Debbie G. ( yes . . .we have a lot of Debbies in the shop), passed the stocking around over the last nine months and stitched the entire stocking.   I had painted the letters on the top of the stocking for her before she passed.  I love the idea of the name tag attached to the stocking, which Mimi had wanted.

Last week we got together for cocktails to toast Mimi and give the stocking to her husband to pass along to her daughter.  This is such a special gift, truly done from the heart.


  1. Shelley says:

    That’s the perfect Christmas story. I’m so sorry about your friend but love knowing that you were there for her family. Part of what is so special about the Needlepoint Nation.

  2. Jane in NH says:

    This is what “the season” is all about. What peace of mind you gave to your dear friend…knowing that her grandchild’s stocking would be finished. And passing it around to complete it must have meant so much to all of you. The Mimis of this world are few and far between but a true gift and joy. Thanks so much for posting this.

  3. Jane in NH says:

    What a thoughtful thing to do for Mimi. It must have given her such peace of mind knowing the stocking would be finished. What wonderful friends she had. You were so lucky to know her. There are too few Mimis in the world.

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