Lets Do the Math

People always say “needlepoint is an expensive hobby.”  I beg to differ.  A wonderful customer of ours, Tony, just finished this magnificent pillow.  It’s big . . .like 26 x 18 big.  Most of is don’t want to know what our delightful hobby actually costs.  But, he kept track of the expenses for him to make this pillow.  475 hours

280 cards of Rainbow Gallery thread

$2328 all together with the finishing.

When you do the math, it comes down to $4.90 per hour.  Tell me dear readers . . .what can you do that brings you so much satisfaction for less than $5/hour?

Let’s face it.  All hobbies are expensive.  My family is in the business of boating.  We literally throw money into the ocean.  Or what about golfing? Tennis? Skiing (we do that too)?  Hobbies are meant to be wonderful things that make us happy in life. . .something we choose to do . . .not have to do.


  1. Sharon Prapopulos says:

    And don’t forget the pleasure it gives to others. G’daughter’s butterfly is hanging in her room. G’son’s shark is ready for framing. Next G’son’s tiger profile is just starting. “A boat is a hole in the ocean that you throw money into.”

  2. Jane Gable says:

    I don’t keep track of the $$$$, just know that my husband believes it’s cheaper than therapy and Neiman Marcus

  3. Pat Miller says:

    I keep track of my time, the threads, the canvas and the framing too. I write it all on the back with the name of the designer and date it. That way whoever receives it has the knowledge and it is not a garage sale item! LOL

  4. John F. Lansford says:

    As an avid needle pointer and knitter, I have spent a great deal of money on projects which I love and enjoy each day looking.at them. Living in Las Vegas, so many of my friends spent so much money gambling and after this episode they have nothing to show for itt, except for being a sore loser. I’m sure they have won at other times. As a needlepointer, each time we stitch, we are winners in bringing to life a flat canvas which we will cherish for a life time.

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