Packing . . .Too Much Needlepoint?

How much is too much?  Can there ever be too much?  Not for me!

I’m enjoying a few days of R & R with my family up in Vermont.  We managed to get up here before the snow storm.  After a 4 hour drive and unpacking the car, I finally sat down at 11:30 with a glass of wine and my stitching bags.  Yes, I said bags . . .plural.  I started pulling all of my little friends out, contemplating what I was going to work on first.  Then I started counting.  My husband, curious as to what I was doing, decided that people really needed to know how serious my needlepoint issues really are.


21 pieces in total!

Now, cut me a little slack.  Some are sets, like the Melissa Shirley Thimble Nativity that all come in the same project bag.

Let’s see how many I finish.  1 down. 20 to go.


  1. Lisa Petersen says:

    Tell your husband he is preaching to the choir! I bring more than I could possibly do if I stitched 24 hours a day. I just never know what I will be in the mood to stitch!

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