Home is Where the Needlepoint Is

After spending so much time at home, I have a new appreciation for my family and my house.  I’m so lucky that my family can go outside in our yard for fresh air and sunshine, play games, ride bikes and all the other things we’ve been doing to keep busy.

I came up with the idea of this canvas last fall, long before any of us could have dreamed we’d be where we are today.

Linda has been stitching away on this piece over the last few weeks.  Her stitching is fabulous!

There are 12 ornaments that you can swap out each month.  All you have to do is put a magnet in the finishing and the ornament will stay in place of where the O is supposed to be.













There’s alternative design for December for those that celebrate Hanukkah but I haven’t received it from my painters yet so I don’t have a picture.

All of us at the shop have been stitching away on the ornaments and writing guides.  Pretty soon all of them will be stitched and I’ll show you them when they are.  There will be stitch guides for all the canvases in the HOME series.

If you love this as much as we do, scoop it up now because I won’t be getting more canvases for a few months. . . probably not until July.

You can order the large canvas online and let us know which ornaments ( you don’t have to purchase them all at once) you would like when you check out.



Easter Sale

It’s time to get started on your Easter projects for next year! Haven’t you always wanted a basket of eggs or standup eggs? Maybe a pretty spring pillow? Now is the time!

All in stock Easter canvases are 25% off now through Saturday!

You know the deal by now. Give us a call or email enrichedstitch@gmail.com and let us know what you can’t live without!


Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3

frame 4

Frame 5frame 6

What Would Suzie Do?

Here’s a fun new blog series I’m starting.  With everyone not being able to come to the shop . . .or any shop for that matter . . .I thought I’d pull threads for some pieces and tell you about what stitches I would use.

Any of the pieces featured below will come with a FREE stitch guide!

Remember to email me directly at enrichedstitch@gmail.com since I still haven’t figured out how to get emails back from you if you reply to the blog when it is emailed to you.

I just love this piece!  We just got it into the shop.  I would stitch her hat in Woven Stitch with pink Pepper Pot and do a Buttonhole stitch for the brim with the dark pink Planet Earth Silk.

I think her dress would look fabulous in Criss-Cross Hungarian with the pink PE Silk and a little sparkle in the stitch for the cross stitch with Entice.

She’s got to have beaded earrings!

And her lips will look super shiny when stitched with Neon Rays.

Wouldn’t we all love to go to the beach right now?  Especially here in Connecticut where it just rains and rains. This piece would make the cutest little sign or pillow.  It would also be great finished in an acrylic tray.

I would use a combination of Flair and Vineyard Silk for the starfish in straight up tent stitch.  Since the Flair is thicker, it will give the starfish some texture and look a little bumpy.

The letters could be done in tent stitch or Diagonal Satin Stitch with Neon Rays +.

I would Satin Stitch the light green background and do a single line Van Dyke stitch for the darker green.


I just love pieces like this tree that give me a ton of room to play. These canvases typically are challenging for people because there are only two elements, a tree and a sky, so they don’t know what to do with that vast area.

I think a funky Bargello pattern with five different threads would be super cool on this piece. I wouldn’t totally cover the background.  I would space out the different bands of the Bargello so it doesn’t look too heavy.  The tree needs just a touch of sparkle, so  I would tent stitch it with Glisten.

I plan on doing more of this here and on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to follow me on there!


State of the Union

I can’t speak for other shops, but I wanted to share with everyone how it’s going here at The Enriched Stitch.

First, I want to thank everyone who has been supporting my shop since this nightmare started. Our phones have been ringing off the hook, tons of packages going out every day and the emails of support and gratitude just keep coming. It has been so wonderful talking with customers and helping them in the best way that we currently can.

I have been in the shop by myself most days and on other days Mary Susan is holding down the fort. We’re doing our best but please be patient with us if we miss your phone call or don’t respond to your emails right away.

Speaking of responding to emails, I just recently learned that if you reply to the blog posts when they are delivered right to your inbox, they go to a no reply email and I don’t get them. I hope no one reading this thinks that I’ve been ignoring their emails. I’m working on fixing this but the IT department isn’t my strong suit.

So, please send your emails to enrichedstitch@gmail.com if you need to get a hold of me.

You might not want to hear what I’m going to tell you next but here’s where things stand at my shop. A few thread companies are shut down and not shipping. Most of our threads come from overseas where the countries are shut down. Therefor, whatever these companies currently have in stock is all that they have right now until those countries reopen. Each company is functioning differently so I can’t speak for all of them but this is what I’ve heard from a number of them.

In terms of canvases, I can only speak for myself as a wholesaler. What I know right now is that production is shut down at my painting service and nothing is able to ship in and out of that country. So, what I’m saying is that the inventory that I currently have in my wholesale line is all that I will have for a while. After speaking with a number of designers, I know they are in the same boat.

So, what I’m trying to say is that when my shop or any other shop is out of something, please be patient with us. We are doing the best that we can given that our supply chains are slowly depleting both on the thread and canvas side.

I’m working on an online class schedule for May. Looks like we’re gonna be in this a while longer…at least here in Connecticut. I’m stitching as fast as I can and trying to scoop up the threads I need so I can continue to bring you classes.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for Zoom classes. Email me directly!


More Colors of Praise

It’s a cold, dreary and rainy day here in Connecticut.  On days like this, I love stitching a brightly colored canvas.  Definitely improves my mood!

Here’s some more of our favorites from the Colors of Praise trunk show.  And what fun threads we’ve pulled to go with them!

Mary Susan stitched this masterpiece a few years ago.  It is absolutely stunning.  We did this as a stitch along so we have a guide if you want to add this beauty to your home.

How cute are these luggage tags or credit card inserts?

You can shop the trunk show online or call the shop to order.  As with all of our trunk shows, the canvases are 20% off and the threads are 10% off.  The trunk show is here till next Wednesday so this deal won’t last forever!


Busy Bee Stitch Along

I just realized I never posted the free stitch guide for this piece!

I still have a few kits in stock.  Click here to have one sent your way!

It’s 3 x 3 on 18 mesh canvas from my design line Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.

Background: Alicia’s Lace over 2 – Petite Silk Lame Braid SP140

The wings are done by stretching white Flair and tacking it down at the edges.  Come with the Flair near the body.

Take the needle off.  Thread up one strand of white Floss and secure it.  Come up on the edge of the wing and grab the edge of the Flair with the needle and go back down into the same hole you came up in.  Now, go across to the other side of the wing and do the same thing.  Repeat this all the way around the wing, alternating the sides where you grab the Flair so it stretches evenly.  When you get to far edge of the wing, thread the Flair back onto a needle and secure the threads.

Next, Stem Stitch over the Flair with Kreinik 8 Braid 101.

To make the body, string black and gold beads horizontally across the body using 1 strand of black beading thread doubled over in the needle.

For the legs and antennae, cut pieces of Kreinik Hot Wire and tack them on with one strand of black beading thread.  This thread is impossible to thread unless you use a huge needle so just tack the pieces on.

Thread List

DMC Floss white

Flair F502

Kreinik 8 Braid 101

Kreinik Hot Wire 005

Petite Silk Lame Braid SP140

1 gram real gold beads size 15

1 gram black beads size 15

Black beading thread

20 in 2020

I did it!  And it’s only mid April.  I wonder if I can get to 50 this year?

It may look like I’ve been doing a ton of stitching, but lately I haven’t been.  When I first closed the doors to the shop on March 15th, I didn’t stitch for three weeks after that. Between coming home from the shop totally exhausted and a lack of concentration, stitching was not in the cards.

I’ve talked to so many customers over the last month and either they are stitching away like mad or more like me and bouncing from one piece to another trying to get their stitching mojo back.

It was driving me nuts that I couldn’t concentrate and wasn’t finishing anything.  So, I picked up my new Cardinal Santa design that is exclusive to The Enriched Stitch and forced me way through it.  I ripped the beard out twice which only added to my frustration but once he was done I felt like I was getting back in the groove.

If you’re stuck, pick up something small and simple and try stitching on that.  Or maybe a new small piece would be just thing to get you going like one of the new key fobs from Planet Earth.

This is a Kate Dickerson design.  Took about an hour!

You’ve seen most of these pieces already but there’s a few you haven’t.  All of them have stitch guides and can be kitted up!

Nantucket Christmas Basket

This Kate Dickerson piece fits in a Planet Earth self finishing box and will be an online Zoom class in May.  We only have 9 canvases in stock so don’t wait to sign up.  I haven’t loaded this into the online store yet so call the shop if you want a kit.

Rhodes Heart Kit

This Melissa Prince piece is a Zoom class on April 27th.  Order your kit by the end of the week to make sure you have it in time for class.

Reindeer and Cardinal Kit



Hot Diggity Dog is a Zoom class on April 22nd


I’ll be teaching this Christmas Cutie on Zoom on April 20th

The next two are part of the HOME interchangeable series.  We’re busy stitching away on them so we can bring you a club when my painting service reopens. . .hopefully sooner rather than later.

These three beautiful ladies are part of our newest club.  Click here to find all the details or to sign up.

The Busy Bee Zoom class is tomorrow.  It’s too late to get you a kit, but I can email you the stitch guide in time for the class so you can follow along and then you’ll get your kit in a few days if you order today.

I’m having this Hello Tess design made into a frame weight.  Hopefully we’re feeling this way . . .at least some of the time.

These two are part of our Pretty Packages club that just started.  Not too late to sign up!

This little cutie is part of a new club we’re planning.

I hope this blog entertained you for a few minutes and got your mind off of everything that’s going on in the world.  We all need a little something to lift our spirits.  Hopefully this has inspired you to pick up a needle and try again if you’ve been stuck in a rut.

Online Classes on Zoom

Online Class Schedule
Three Cardinals in the Snow
Monday April 13th 12-3
You must sign TODAY to guarantee you have your kit in time for the class

Busy Bee
April 15th 1-2:30

Christmas Cutie
April 20th 12-2

click here to sign up

Reindeer and Cardinal

Virtual Studio Time
Class size limited to 6 students
April 8th 9-10/ 10-11/ 11-12
April 15th 10-11/ 11-12/3-4
April 22nd 10-11/ 11-12/3-4
April 29th 10-11/ 11-12 /1-2/ 2-3
Classes will take place on ZOOM

Call the shop to sign up or sign up online!


Colors of Praise Trunk Show

I’m so bummed you won’t be able to come see the trunk show in person.  But, I’m going to do my best to bring it to you virtually.

Be sure to follow @enrichedstitch on Instagram and The Enriched Stitch on Facebook to see even more of the fun canvases and the threads we’ve pulled to go with them!

All the canvases in the trunk show are 20% off.  And, as an added bonus, the threads to go with the canvases are an additional 10% off!

If you’re looking for a quick project, here are super cute luggage tags that self finish in the Planet Earth luggage tags.  Or, maybe you just want to send a little something to a friend who might be having a hard time right now to brighten their day.

This is one of my favorite pieces from Colors of Praise.  I actually have this one in my stash.

Linda stitched these gorgeous pillows a few years ago.  Love the orange background she added!

Linda always has canvases in pairs.  How could you not?

There’s a ton of eyeglass cases, belts, cuffs, brick covers and so much more.

You can shop the trunk show online or peruse the Colors of Praise website and give me a call or shoot me an email for pricing and to see if it’s in stock.  All special orders from the trunk show will receive the 20% off discount.

I hope these canvases make you as happy as they make me!