Remastered and Resurrected

I have access to the thousands of designs that Amanda Lawford created throughout her career.  So, every once in a while, I’m going to pull a few out of the”vault” and also add my own style to her pieces.

To me, nothing is more classic than Amanda’s reindeer.

I thought this designs would be fun in other color ways.  So I did it!

We have what I call “Preppy Reindeer”

Jeweled Reindeer ( I can see this one stitched with the hot pink laser Kreinik color)

and the Cobalt Reindeer

I also thought a really fun design would be to take the New York City subway Christmas tree from the New York Santa and make that a small standup or larger ornament.

I didn’t know what the letters and numbers meant at first, but apparently they represent the subway lines.  If you spend a lot of time in the city you would know that.  I’ll admit, I’ve only been on the subway once in my life. I’m more of an Uber kinda girl. LOL!


The next pieces are just too beautiful to keep in the vault.

A few months ago, Vicky DeAngelis at Needlenook of La Jolla emailed and wanted to order the Heron canvas.  I told her that the master copy didn’t exist and it was lost to the world.  Well . . .a few days later, she emailed me and said she found a copy of the design and that it was the master copy.  The miracle of Facebook!  So, I sent the master off to my painters and a few months later . . .voila!  It’s back!  Thank you, Vicky!

I fell in love with the pieces from HP Designs.  Anyone want to stitch the two floral canvases for me?  They would be gorgeous in my living room!

There will be more designs released from the vault over time.  I’ve got my eye on a few in particular.

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