Reunited and it Feels So Good

The coven has been reunited!  Becki stitched this Melissa Shirley series of fairy tale witches.  Just back from an amazing finisher!

covenShe has stitch guides for Helowise, Gunilda and Ingride.  The guides  for Ethelfrith and

Luella are in the works.


Meet Ingride and the Broom.  This is an upcoming class planned at the shop on

Canvas: $148   Thread Kit: TBD

Class Date: June 21st 10-3  Class Fee $75

Kits and Stitch Guides will be available


Here’s Gunilda and her cauldron.  Becki had the last class pulling their hair out over “ensnared Flair”


Helowise the Peddler was the first in the series that Becki taught.


Luella is definitely my favorite.  Not only the piece and the stitching, but the embellishments on the finishing are unbelievable.luella-2

Cheryl (the finisher) made a beaded snake, mimicking the snakes that Becki made by Peyote beading.


Where does she find teeny tiny poison bottles?

And last but not least, Ethelfrith and her cat.


Call or email to sign up for the class.  Kits are available, as well.

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  1. Anne Bloom says:

    The creativity and skill demonstrated by these pieces is unbelievable! I love all of them and I especially like the use of Bargello for the skirts!

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