Susan Portra -Round 2

It’s taken me a while to get to this blog, but this is a little taste of what we worked on with Susan Portra in the second round of her “Bring Your Canvas to Life” class.


Andrea worked on this classic JP fish. I can’t wait to see the stretched Flair on the tail.


Linda worked on one of my all time favorite pieces.  I love stitching vicariously through someone else.IMG_2370

Kate worked on this beautiful piece.  IMG_2371

Our very own Becki worked on a Janice Gaynor piece.  What to do with all of those curves?  This is probably the only time I will ever hear Becki say “All six strands?”  If you know Becki’s stitching, she uses very little thread.  But, you gotta try different things!IMG_2372

Wanda worked on another of my favorites, the Lani Wine Collage.  It is going to be stunning!  And what a great idea to paint out the word “vineyard” and replace it with her last name.  Love it!IMG_2374

Susan did the coolest thing on this beard.  I have been stumped by this for over 6 months. Now I know!  Twist together 3 strands of Bella Lusso and work in a stem/outline stitch, creating a fake bullion.  Brilliant!

You’re probably wondering what I worked on with  Susan.  That’s another blog.  I worked on 7 or so different pieces with her.  I know. . .I’m nuts!

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