Secret Santa Stitching

It was so crazy the week before Christmas that I didn’t get a chance to write this blog.  I know we’re all sick of Christmas right now, but I’m going to share this with all of you anyway.

Last year I suggested to the girls at the shop that it would be fun to pick a name out of a hat and you stitched an ornament for that person.  My reasoning was that for all that we stitch for other people, no one ever seems to stitch anything for us.   Everyone was into the idea. . .so I thought.  Apparently this caused some angst among a few of the ladies, which I didn’t find out about until a few weeks ago.  We got together for a little lunch at the shop and exchanged our ornaments.  Despite the anxiety among some people, everyone really enjoyed it.  Here’s what we stitched.


Becki stitched this for Andrea.  Andrea loves turquoise so Becki thought she’d love the colors.

Linda stitched this for me, because she knows how much I love penguins.

I stitched this cross for Mary.  She saw it in the shop after we got back from Dallas and thought it was so pretty.  I told her I would order her one but she couldn’t purchase a brand new canvas.  Good way to throw her off the scent!

Andrea stitched this for Aggie.  Aggie had been eyeing it during the Melissa Shirley trunk show.

Mary stitched this sweet piece for Mary Susan.  She thought it looked like something she’d stitch.

She wasn’t far off, because Mary Susan stitched this for Becki.  We all know how Becki loves her woodland friends!


Apparently Aggie missed the memo about the ornament concept.  She stitched this bee for Linda, who has a bigger bee obsession than I do a penguin problem.  Linda says she won because she can leave it out all year long.

This was so much fun to do with such a great group of women.  We have the best time together at the shop.  Most days it doesn’t even feel like work.  Can’t wait to do this again next year!




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