Sixteen Candles

I had the laziest Sunday.  Much needed.  I watched a marathon of movies, Father of the Bride, Dirty Dancing and appropriately Sixteen Candles.  Funny that it should be on tv while I was stitching that canvas.

sixteen candles

Get it?  The panties that Molly Ringwald gives to Anthony Michael Hall with the candles on top.  This canvas just cracks me up.

These 4 x 4 canvases are so much fun to stitch.  They’re quick. Instant gratification.  We don’t get that very often in needlepoint.

It’s not to late to join the club.  There are 8 canvases in total and the club starts in June.

You can sign up by calling the shop or online. 

Here’s the rest of the canvases.  Up next . . .Sex and the City.

sex and the city

romeo & juliet


risky business

50 shades

pretty woman

dirty dancing

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