Sneak Peek

Shark Week ends today.  It’s a sad day for all of us shark fanatics.  Maybe this will cheer you up.

Here’s a sneak peek of a new artist that will debut in our wholesale line in January.  Isn’t it too cute?

I have walked all through the January show looking for shark canvas for you know who.  I have found three.  The Kathy Schenkel mini sock . . .

Jaws by Melissa Prince . . .

And the Finding Nemo coaster by Melissa.

That’s it . . .three canvases out of how many thousands.  And there definitely isn’t a whale shark, which is the kind of shark in the first piece.  And before you Google it, a whale shark is a shark and not a whale.  I’ve already questioned this with my little expert. LOL!  I don’t know why I question him.  He knows what he’s talking about!



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