Spring Tree Finished!

The second canvas in our Four Seasons club is finished!  Just waiting for threads and canvases to come in and then we’ll been sending the kits out.


I wanted this canvas to be happy and bright.


I made the birds nest out of a new fiber called Gimp by Painter’s Threads.  I thought this came out really cool.  Then I stuffed it with another fiber.

Going to put the Summer Tree on bars today.  Can’t wait



Winter Tree

It’s not too late to join the club.  Call the shop or email to sign up.


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  1. Ava Emdin says:

    Love the winter tree. I don’t stitch winters scenes as snow is not part of my life here in Australia. However, I am interested in the bark of your Winter Tree. It looks like a simple mosaic stitch but I can’t see it that clearly. My canvas is in five panels with the tree going over all five covering the seasons. The tree is pretty constant. But obviously the foliage, flowers and ground cover changes across the panels. I was going to do tied encroaching Gobelin in a over dyed fine wool which gives nice texture but eats up thread but yours looks really nice. What stitch and thread have you used. We live in an expensive needlepoint desert so I buy on line from the US and am on Pinterest and needlepoint sites all the time. Thanks

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