You and Me

I left you the other day telling you about the ornaments that I made for my son and my husband this year with a teaser of another story.

A few weeks ago, when my son, Trip (he’s a third- hence the nickname), and I finished decorating the needlepoint tree I said “We need more ornaments.”  He agreed.  So, I went upstairs to my office/needlepoint room, and grabbed a pile of Christmas ornaments.  I laid them out on the floor and told him he could pick three and those would be next ones I would stitch. He first selected the little “Naughty” sign by Kathy Schenkel, then the Rockefeller Center tree ornament from DJ Designs and a tiny nutcracker from Susan Roberts.  Then he spotted another canvas and said “I should have chosen that one.”  I told him he could still choose that one but asked why did he want to choose that one.  And he said, “Because it’s you and me.”

Well, if you want to know how to bring tears to a mother’s eyes, that sure did it.  So, I finished it up that night.  It was half done, like many pieces in my stash.  I knew we were sending the last package to the finisher the next morning so it had to get done.

I went to the store early that Saturday morning and glued on the Swarovski crystals and popped it in the envelope.  Mary Susan begged the finisher to do a favor for me and embroider the back.  It just came back today.


A mommy and baby penguin. He’s right . . .it’s me and him.


Or you and me.

This by far is the most special piece I have ever done.


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