January Newsletter

Things have finally quieted down a bit after the holidays so I have time to blog.  We have a lot going on in the shop so I thought I’d share with you some new kits, new classes and some new items.

I recently got a bunch of finishing back.

This little cutie is my design and can be personalized with your house number.  The best part is that it’s on 13 mesh!

I taught this hydrangea basket on Zoom a few months back.  We still have a few kits and the class was recorded so you didn’t miss out!

I think this fox by Melissa Prince is so sweet.  I will be teaching him on February 27th on Zoom.  You can call the shop to sign up or sign up online.


These little acorns from Kelly Clark were a mini club we did back in the fall.  I have the perfect wreath for them!

I stitched a ton between Christmas and New Years while I was enjoying some much needed time off with my family!

This little Eye Candy piece is only 3 x 3 on 18 mesh and fits into a self finishing box.  There are 8 different stitches for you to learn.  Not quite 21 in 2021 but it’s a start!  I will be designing a piece that has 21 different stitches so keep an eye out for that.  We still have a few kits in stock.

I loved this little bunny star so much I bought it twice for myself!  We have kits available for this little cutie.  You can order online or call the shop.

I thought this Santa Star ornament would be a fun class.  There’s a cool stitch for the beard, a little stumpwork for the holly leaves and a thread you probably haven’t worked with before.  This class will be on February 13th.

We have a new club, The Silly Little Birds.  We did this club a few years ago but I thought I’d bring it back for those of you who missed it the first go around.

6 canvases in total
5″ round on 18 mesh
$125/per installment
includes canvas, stitch guide, threads and special embellishments
Club starts March 2021
You can call the shop to sign up or sign up online.
I will be teaching Beading 101 and Ribbon 101 on February 20th on Zoom.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn about beading and ribbon then these are the classes for you!
A lot of people have been asking about if I will be teaching Needlepoint University again.  The answer is YES!  Registration will open next week for the next session so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for when early bird registration opens.
I’ve got a number of other pieces that I’m really close to finishing so I will share them with you as soon as they’re done.
Happy Stitching!

Year in Review

2020 has been a crazy year filled with tons of stitching.  I meant to post this on New Year’s Eve but I was enjoying some much needed relaxation last week with me family.

Here are all the pieces that I stitched this year.  Definitely hit 20 in 20!


I think that’s everything!

Happy New Year!

Thank You

I can’t say thank you enough to my staff and to all of my customers, near and far, for supporting the shop throughout the last year.  So, to show my appreciation, I am giving away a canvas of your choice from my wholesale line, Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery up to a $300 retail value!

All you have to do is like and follow us on Instagram and tag us in a picture of something you bought or had finished at the shop.  You can find us under @enrichedstitch on Instagram.  The winner will be chosen on New Year’s Day.

Pop on over to the online store and you can view the entire line.  Tons to choose from!  Or you can browse through the wholesale design website.

Happy Holidays!




Needlepoint University

I am SOOOOOO excited to announce Needlepoint University!

I’ve been working on this class concept for a few years. I think you’re gonna love it!

Do you know the differences in your canvases, needles and threads?

Do you struggle with reading and understanding diagrams?

Do you struggle with picking the right stitches?

Do you want to learn more about needlepoint?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this class is for you!

The Spring Semester starts January 2021 and will meet on Zoom the second and fourth Saturdays of each month for four months.  The class covers everything from starting and ending threads, understanding canvas and needles, how to read diagrams, selecting stitches, laying threads, Basketweave vs Continental, working with overdye threads and so much more!

You will be sent the materials you will need for the class, as well as monthly installments of the lessons.

Early bird registration goes through Saturday December 12th for $195.  After that, the price will go up!

You can register online or call the shop to register.


By the end of the course, you will be a master stitcher!  I hope you’ll join me!


Annual Holiday Sale

It’s that time of year again!  How quickly the year flew by.  I wanted to spread a little holiday cheer by giving

30% off all in stock canvases now through Saturday December 5th.

If you’re hesitant to come into the shop or don’t live anywhere near us, you can still shop the sale.  Just call or email me with the frame number and a description of the canvas and we’ll send it your way or will leave it in the vestibule for contactless pick up.  Easy as can be!



The frame numbers are


the pictures.

Here we go!

Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3

Frame 4

Frame 5

Frame 6

Frame 7

Frame 8

Frame 9

Frame 10

Frame 11

Frame 12

Frame 13

Frame 14

Frame 15

Frame 16

Frame 17

Frame 18

Frame 19

Frame 20

Frame 21

Frame 22

Frame 23

Frame 24

Frame 25

Frame 26

Frame 27

Frame 28

Frame 29

Frame 30

Frame 31

Frame 32

Frame 33

Frame 34

Frame 35

Frame 36

Frame 37

Frame 38

Frame 39

Frame 40

Frame 41

Frame 42

Frame 43

Frame 44

Frame 45

Frame 46

Frame 47

Frame 48

Frame 49

Frame 50

Frame 51

Frame 52

Frame 53

Frame 54

Frame 55

Frame 56

Frame 57

Frame 58

Frame 59

Frame 60

Frame 61

Frame 62

Frame 63

Frame 64

Frame 65

Frame 66

Frame 67

Frame 68

Frame 70

Frame 69

Frame 71

Frame 72

Frame 73

Frame 74

Frame 75

Frame 76

Frame 77

Frame 78

Frame 79

Frame 80

Frame 81

Frame 82

Frame 83

Frame 84

Frame 85

Frame 86

Frame 87

Frame 88

Frame 89

Frame 90

Frame 91

Frame 92

Frame 93

Frame 94

Frame 95

Frame 96

Frame 97

Frame 98

Frame 99

Frame 100

Frame 101

Frame 102

Frame 103
Frame 104

Frame 105

Frame 106

Frame 107

Frame 108

Frame 109

Frame 110

Frame 111

Frame 112

Frame 113

Frame 114

Frame 115

Frame 116

Frame 117

Frame 118

Frame 119

Frame 120

Frame 121

Frame 122

I think that’s the most pictures I’ve ever put up on the blog for a sale!

Please email directly to order. Do not reply to the email.  It goes to the netherworld of the internet!


Hope you’ve found something you can’t live without!

Suzie’s Favorite Things

I’m channeling my inner Oprah today.  There’s so many great things that I use every day that I wanted to share with you my favorites.


We have awesome table and floor lamps that will make it SO much easier to stitch.  And the best part is that they don’t annoy anyone else in the room with you.  How many times has someone told you to turn off your light while you’re watching tv?


Scissors are the most useful tool you can have aside from a needle.  There’s nothing like a new pair of scissors.  My personal favorite are DOVO scissors.  I have a huge order on the way to the shop so give us a call to order.

Table and Floor Stands

If you don’t work on a stand, you are missing out!  Does your hand start hurting from holding the canvas?  Laying threads isn’t so easy either.  Does you back or shoulder hurt?  A table or floor stand will solve all of these problems.  Well worth the investment.  The best part is that the stands we carry are lifetime guaranteed.

Gift Cards

Always a favorite no matter what the store!

Little Red Door Kit

This is a brand new design of mine that I stitched up last week.  We have a few kits in stock right now and tons more canvases on the way in a few weeks.

Floss Away Bags

Tired of a big bag of tangled threads?  Separate and store your threads in individual bags that you can hang on a ring.  No mess anymore!


I love cardinals.  This piece is on my to do list.  It’s 5 x 7 on 18 mesh.  A perfect size piece and can be popped right into a picture frame!

Super Snips

These tiny scissors are the best to leave in your purse project bag for when you are on the go.  Not my favorite scissor to use at home for heavy duty stitching, but they are the perfect travel scissor.

Custom Monogram Magnets

We are just LOVING these in the shop!  You choose which design you want and tell us the name and voila! . . .you have a custom needle minder.  Call us to order so you can have them in time for the holidays. 203-210-5107

Upcoming Stitch Alongs

There were so many beautiful new canvases that were released during The Virtual Needlepoint Show!  I have my eye on a few that I definitely plan on stitching and was wondering who wants to join me.

I’m sure most of you know about the delays with our painting services these days.  But, if you don’t, here’s the skinny.  Typically I would receive canvases from my painters in 6-12 weeks.  But now, since COVID, it’s taking 4-5 MONTHS to replenish my inventory.  It’s not just me, this is across the boards with all designers.

The good news is that there are so many beautiful in stock canvases in shops to choose from.  So, if you are waiting for a special canvas to come in, you can pick up something in the meantime or work from your stash.  No stash?  Now is the time to build one.  It’s gonna be a long winter!

With canvases taking so long to get, I wanted to let you know what I plan on working on later this winter when they come in.  I thought it would be fun to stitch along together and do Zoom calls every week to show our progress.  You would be sent an installment about every 4-6 weeks, once I get another section complete.

The thing is, you have to sign up now so I can make sure that I have enough canvases, otherwise, it will be an even longer wait for you.

Here are the pieces I plan on stitching.  You can call the shop to sign up or sign up online.

Farmhouse Santa

20 inches on 18 mesh


9 x 12 on 18 mesh

Pumpkin Patch

8 x 10 on 18 mesh

I have a bunch of classes coming up if you’re interested in something sooner.

Pinecone Angel

3 1/2 x 5 on 18 mesh

December 12th 12:30-2:30

Online Class on Zoom

Cardinal Santa

December 5th 12:30-2:30

Online Class on Zoom

And better yet . . . if you missed the following classes, you can watch the recording of the class.


Hydrangea Tote Bag

Of all the hats that I wear in my shop and my wholesale line, I am a teacher at heart.  I have always taught something since I was 12.  I started teaching little kids to ice skate when I was 12.  Then, I taught piano for 15 years.  And now I teach needlepoint.  I’m one lucky lady!

November Newsletter

November Trunk Show
Two Sisters
20% off all in stock and special order trunk show canvases! And as a bonus, receive 10%off the threads when we kit up the canvas for you!
Hydrangea Basket Zoom Class
November 14th 12:30-2 EST
Learn lots of fun flower techniques on this 4 inch piece taught by Suzie Vallerie. Call or click to sign up. 203-210-5107
With our finishers being overwhelmed with the amount of finishing, there are significant delays. We are monitoring your finishing closely and are in constant communication with our finishers.
We will call you the moment your finishing arrives back in the shop!
Two New Clubs
HOME from Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery
Join us in our newest club where you can swap out a different ornament for each month! Stitch guides are FREE for club members.
Call or click to sign up!
This club will ship quarterly with the stitch guide, canvas, threads and all the special embellishments used on the pieces.
Stitch guides are FREE for club members!
New Stitch Guides
We have hundreds of stitch guides in our collection. Pop on over and take a look!
December 5th 12:30-2:30

New from Amanda Lawford

I am so lucky to still be working with the amazingly talented Amanda Lawford!  Check out her newest designs!

I can’t wait to stitch the nativity!  I see a club in the future at the shop.

For all the details on these designs, hop on over to the website.

Call or email the shop to order!



New from Me!

I’ve been painting my little heart out over the last few months.  I hope you like my new designs!

Farmhouse Santa

20 inches on 18 mesh

Date Night

4 inches on 18 mesh

Cardinal Tree Topper

10 inches on 13 mesh

Farmhouse Christmas


Mini Totes  3 x 4 on 18 mesh

Fun Stuff


4 inches on 18 mesh

For all the details on these canvases, click here to hop on over to the website.

Give us a call at the shop to order!