New Designer!

There’s a new young designer on the scene!  Pewter and Pine, owned by Tess Kvale, is a small, but fresh new approach to needlepoint design.  I think her designs will appeal not just to a younger generation, but to all age brackets.  There’s a  little something for everyone.

Check out her website and let us know if there’s something that catches your eye!  Here’s a few of my favorites.

 I ordered a few pieces from her today. I think it’s SO important to support new designers, regardless of their age.  It’s not an easy thing to break into a world where everyone is 20+ years older than you.  I can say that from  my own experience.

When I first opened my shop six years ago, a lot of people assumed I knew very little about needlepoint because I hadn’t been stitching for forty years.  I almost hate to admit this, but I’ve been stitching for almost thirty years now.  But I’d say I’ve really been stitching, learning and taking classes for about ten years.  I eat, sleep and breath this business, just ask my husband  (he might not always put such a positive spin on it lol) and any of my good friends.  But I am not the only one.  There are SO many of us in this industry, both shop owners and wholesalers, who go above and beyond to bring you the best in needlepoint.

   Your brick and mortar shops are the life blood of this industry.   Just as we need to support designers, we ask that you support your brick and mortar shops.   If you don’t have one nearby, find one that will help you the best way they can long distance.  At The Enriched Stitch, we take the time to chat with you over the phone about what kind of threads you like to work with when kitting a canvas for you.  Or send you images of canvases that might fit the description of what you are looking for.  Or walk you through your questions about one of our stitch guides.  We know it’s not ideal, but we do our best to give you the same care and attention that we would if you were standing right in front of us.

So, all I ask is that all of my loyal blog followers, whether you are a shop owner or teacher or a consumer, is to support each other in any way you can.


Mi Amore!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  As I was looking through photos on my computer, I realized that we stitch a lot of hearts at The Enriched Stitch.

Wonderland Heart

Heart of Hearts

Ruffle Ribbon Heart

Autism Heart

Love – Kate Dickerson Designs


That’s a just a few of what I found.  But I also found some heart canvases that I would LOVE to stitch!

Treat yourself today!



Silly Little Birds Club

Introducing our newest club . . .Silly Little Birds!

6 canvases in total
5″ round on 18 mesh
$65/canvas includes stitch guide
threads additional
Club starts May 2018
Must sign up by March 1st 
Sign up by calling the shop 203-210-5107 or sign up online
This club is available through any needlepoint shop.  So if you have a local shop, I encourage you to shop local.  For all the retailers who read my blog, feel free to contact me with any questions or to sign up!

I could use a shot of color on this gloomy Winter day.  The Winter Cardinal that Sandy Arthur will be teaching at our retreat in April certainly does the trick!

This piece is stunning!  I know I always say this . . .but the picture does not do thus piece justice.


The shading and the angles of the cardinal are perfection!

The branches are made with a really cool technique.  Nope . . .I’m not gonna spill the beans on this one.  Not my guide to share. LOL!

I love the berries, love the leaves, love it all!

If you’ve never taken a class with Sandy, I can assure you it’s like no other.  I took a class from her at market a few years back.  MIND . . . BLOW . . .ING!

There are only two spots left in Sandy’s class at our Needlepoint in New England Retreat, April 27-29. So, if you’ve been hemming and hawing about it, it’s time to pull the trigger!  You can sign up for the retreat online or by calling the shop


Where in the World is Amanda Lawford?

You all know by now that I bought Amanda Lawford’s needlepoint line. No need for an update there. Amanda has been busy doing acrylic paintings over the last few months since she moved back to New York.

Last Sunday, Aggie and I drove into the Bronx to go to the opening of Amanda’s art show.

Lots of the New York area needlepoint characters were there, including Rita of Rita’s Needlepoint in the city.

I bought a painting, of course…My second Amanda Lawford original.

You should check out her website to see what she’s been up to. If you’re in the area, stop by the Riverdale Y and see the show. It’s up through the month of February.

Gifts Galore!

Yesterday I spent the day in NYC at the Gift Show.  There are so many exhibitors there.  It was totally overwhelming!  I don’t think we got through a third of what was there.  BUT . . .we did find some really awesome new things for the shop.  We have new custom boxes and coasters coming that are self finishing.  I found tons of new tote bags and project bags.  It was such a blur.  I have so many catalogs to pour through!

Amanda (as in Lawford lol) came with me.  What an eye she has for finding new products and developing them with the manufacturers!  It’s almost like the needlepoint designs just appear in her head when she sees something they can be applied to.  Let’s just say that there will  be lots of new designs coming in the next few months.

As we were wandering through, all of a sudden we spotted Fab Funky herself!

   Kelly is such a doll.  She is dying to see the pieces stitched.  I better get that needle moving!

I’ll be honest . . .I am SO over trade shows right now. LOL!  But it was really nice to be back on the buying side instead of being buyer and exhibitor.   Thank God Dallas is seven months away!

February Newsletter

Winter TNNA Trade Show
The show was amazing!  But I will admit we are exhausted!  Buyers came from all over the country, even from Hawaii!  There is a new shop opening in Illinois, 2 Needle Chicks.  We had a blast with them.  I can’t wait for them to open.  Another shop opened in Illinois a few months ago, Stitchers Garden.  It’s so nice to see new shops opening.
Four of us spend nine hours on Friday setting up the rooms.
VNG launched a new teaching piece  . . .the Thunder Series

Winter Thunder

Spring Thunder

Summer Thunder

Fall Thunder

This piece was designed to teach stitches.  And you have your choice of four colorways.  So there’s something for everyone!
I haven’t had a chance to plan a class date yet, but I’ll keep you posted.
You can see all the new designs on
We also introduced a new retailers club at the show. Any shop can participate.  So contact your local shop and tell them you want to sign up.  We will start taking sign ups at The Enriched Stitch sometime in the next few weeks.
These designs are exclusively available as a club and not sold individually.  The club starts in May.
February Finishing Sale

Receive a 10% discount on ALL finishing dropped off during February!
Don’t live nearby?  You can send it in to receive the discount. Beat the holiday rush!
Christmas Diners Club
Our adorable club is underway, but it’s not too late to join.  There are 4 adorable canvases in this club

5 x 5 on 18 mesh
 Stitch guides are included in the kit with canvas and threads
Stitch guides by Suzie Vallerie and Nancy Taylor
Click here to sign up online or call the shop to sign up 203-210-5107

Winter Class Schedule
Ribbon 101 February 8th or 10th 10-12 $40
Have you wanted to learn to work with silk ribbon?  No need to be intimidated.  Suzie will show you how to work with this fabulous thread to create beautiful ribbon techniques.  Bring a canvas with you that you’d like to use ribbon on and Suzie will give you ideas.
Includes a doodle canvas on stretcher bars and ribbon to work with.
Beading 101 February 22nd or 24th 10-12 $40
No need to be afraid of beading anymore!  It’s really easy once you learn the basic tips and techniques.  Includes a doodle canvas on stretcher bars, beading needles and beads to work with.
Enriched Stitching with Suzie
March 10th  10-3  $75
Submit your canvas by February 17th and Suzie will write a custom stitch guide and select all the threads to turn your canvas from drab to fab.  The day will be spent going over your stitch guide and the techniques used to create a stunning piece of art.
Class fee includes full day of instruction and lunch. Stitch guide and threads are additional.  Canvas must be from The Enriched Stitch.
Class limited to 6 students
Here are the stitch guides that were written for the class last month.
Abstract Bears Class

Taught by Suzie Vallerie
March 24th 9:30-4
I designed the stitches for this piece for teaching purposes. I thought it would make a great class for anyone wanting to learn stitches OR if you know most of these stitches (I guarantee no one knows all of them since I made up a number of them), you can see how different threads look with the same stitch. The other cool thing about this piece is that I took a stitch and did variations with it. Sometimes I filled in an opening in a stitch and other places I left it open. They look totally different, like the mommy and baby bears’ heads. I also enlarged or shrunk a stitch, which I think makes a piece look more cohesive, rather than putting totally different stitches all over a canvas.

Sign up online or by calling the shop. Kits available for those who can’t attend the class
Advance registration required for all classes.  Call the shop or email to sign up
Join us at our 2018 retreat
Needlepoint in New England
Registration Closes March 1st
Registration is open for this amazing retreat!
April 27-29, 2018
The Greenwich Hyatt
Classes are almost full so don’t wait to sign up to make sure you get your first choice of class!
Registration closes March 15th
Look at the lineup of teachers and classes!
Kelly Clark – Seashell Wreath
Becki Gebhardt – Stormy Weather by Leigh Designs
Suzie Vallerie – New England Santa by Amanda Lawford
Sandra Arthur – Winter Cardinal by Maggie
(almost full)
Meredith Willett – Chorus Line by Charlie Harper
(almost full)
Mary Susan Muirhead – Floral Bouquet by Maggie
All of the details are on the website.  You can register onlineor by calling the shop.  Picture yourself in a wonderful three day class of stitching . . .we hope you join us!
New Stitch Guides

Go Red with Thread 2018

The three canvases for our fundraiser next year are stitched and available for you to order! All three canvases have stitch guides and thread kits.  A portion of the proceeds of these designs will be donated to hurricane relief charities this year.
Wonderland Heart – Amanda Lawford Designs
stitched by Suzie Vallerie

Mediterranean Diet – Melissa Prince Designs

stitched by Suzie Vallerie

Red Tails at Sunset – Leigh Designs

stitched by Suzie Vallerie
Give us a call at the shop to order your kit!
Don’t Miss a Thing!
Studio Time
Tuesday 12:30-2:30 with Becki
Thursday 12:30-2:30 with Becki
Friday 10:30-12:30- with Suzie
Saturday 12:30-2:30 with Suzie
Can’t make those times?  We’re happy to schedule a private lesson with you.
Not local?  We do Skype and Facetime lessons, as well.
Be sure to call ahead or email to reserve a place in studio time
 2018 Finishing Deadlines
 Easter: January 22 , 2018
4th of July: April 20, 2018
Halloween: July 20, 2018
Hanukkah: July 27, 2018
Thanksgiving: Aug 3, 2018
Early Christmas: Aug 10, 2018

What a Weekend!

I’m still standing . . .barely. LOL!  We got back from the Vegas show on Monday night.  I have never been so tired in my life!  I’ve attended the shows before, but only as a buyer.  This was my first time exhibiting.

All I can say is that I have a new found respect for what the designers go through to put on these shows.  It is an unbelievable amount of work.  Not only do we create new designs, there’s prices lists, stitch guides, shipping, social media and SO much more.  And the stress that comes with it . . .I’ve heard the designers talk about “show stress” but you can’t imagine it until you’re going through it.

I highly encourage all the shops to come to the shows to show your support for all the hard work the exhibitors go through to bring you new needlepoint designs.  I know we can all sit at home and order from what we see online, but I’ve always thought that the most important aspect of a trade show is getting together with people in the industry, getting to know them and sharing ideas.  To me, that’s priceless.

Here’s some pics of our room.  It took Linda, Mary Susan, Aggie and I 9 hours to set up two rooms.  I’m not kidding when I say that this is exhausting!

 I had a 5 foot cardboard Santa made to stand outside the rooms.  Aggie’s getting a little silly with Santa.  And yes . . .she’s that short. LOL!


We did manage to squeeze in some fun.

A selfie with my buddy Carolyn Hedge Baird.  Love her!

Now I can sit back and relax . . .or try to.

If you haven’t checked out the new website for the wholesale line, click here to pop on over.



Feel the Thunder

No . . .I’m not referring to the song by Imagine Dragons (one of my son’s favorites).  I’m talking about the new Thunder series from the Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.


Amanda Lawford originally designed two of these pieces.  The idea behind them is that they are designed to learn stitches.  She originally stitched Summer Thunder, picking all of the threads and stitches.  I stitched Fall Thunder.  I decided that I couldn’t stop at just two seasons,  I had to create all four!






I had Winter and Spring finished like a large coaster that will fit into a custom acrylic tray.


Summer and Fall I picked out fabulous fabrics and trims and had beautiful pillows made.  So many possibilities!


These were SO much fun to stitch!  I loved picking the threads to make these canvases come to life.  It was fun doing large and very graphic stitches that I don’t usually get to do on most of the designs I stitch.  But, I will be honest, stitching it for the third time was a bit painful.  That’s how I spent my Christmas vacation.  It was torture being so secretive about everything I’ve been stitching.

This is going to be a great class in early Spring at the shop.  One canvas . . .four colorways.  Something for everyone!


Kim Leo and Kimberly Hodges Designs

I’m sure you’ve seen the designs from Kim Leo over the last few months on the blog.  But if not, I’ll show you again.

A new artist to the Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery is Kimberly Hodges.  I only produced two of her designs.  But don’t worry . . .more will be coming in the next few months.

This design is available on both 13 and 18 mesh.

Hop on over to the website to get all the details on the pieces.