Road Trip!

Earlier this month, I went to Nashville and Memphis with some of the girls.  We had the best time. Laughing . . .eating . . drinking.

We didn’t go just for that.  We spend two days at Amy’s Golden Strand with the AMAZING Amy Bunger.

When I first got hooked on needlepoint, about 13 years ago, Amy Bunger was the bees knees and still is.  My friends and I talked about “renting Amy” and going down to her shop for class.  This has been on my bucket list for quite some time.  So, after I finished radiation this Spring, I decided that life is too short and that we were heading South!

Amy’s store is like a museum in terms of the stitching.  You could stare at one piece for hours!  The Zero Degrees North Home Study she recently did is exquisite! Every time you look at it you notice something else.

I worked on a few different pieces over the two days and picked Amy’s brain.  She is a wealth of knowledge.  If you ever get the chance, grab a few friends and rent Amy for a few days.  You won’t regret it! Well . . . you might regret all the fabulous food you’ll eat but that’s about it!



January Newsletter

What’s Happening in January
20 in 2020 Stitching Challenge
Join in the fun!
All you have to do is say YES!
Let us know you want to join in the fun. Finish 20 projects in 2020 and receive a $50 gift card when you reach the finish line.
All participants who turn in 20 pieces for finishing will be entered to win a $250 gift card to The Enriched Stitch!
Why not join in?
Clubs! Clubs! Clubs!
Kelly has stitched the most beautiful eggs! A fabulous addition to your Easter display.
There are 8 designs in the club. The kits include the canvas, guide and threads. The club starts in February 2020
You can also sign up by calling the shop.
Are you a Downton Abbey lover? So are we! So excited to be working on these Melissa Prince designs. A club is just around the corner so stay tuned!
Pretty Packages Club
Coming Soon!

VNG and Amanda Lawford Trunk Show

We’ve put up the new trunk show and it’s fabulous!

Of course I have to say that . . .it’s my design line.  LOL!

I’m sure most of you know by now that I am the owner of Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery (VNG).  But, I’m also sure that many of you think my first name is Vallerie.  I know this because people constantly call me Vallerie, especially at the trade shows.  But surprise!  My first name is actually Suzie . . .technically Suzanne, but only my father calls me that.

Two years ago I purchased Amanda Lawford and DC Designs, so they are part of the VNG family, along with other artists.  Amanda has always been one of my favorite needlepoint designers.  Her Santas are gorgeous.  Her cardinals can’t be beat.  And the flowers, bees and everything I just love!

You can see the entire line by clicking here.

All the in stock and special order canvases from the trunk show are 20% off and if you purchase the threads at the same time as the canvas, the threads are an additional 10% off. That includes the 30 inch Santas if you’ve ever had your eye on them.

Here’s just some of the pieces that we’ve stitched over the years from the line.


I think that was enough to tempt you!

The trunk show will be in the shop through January 25th.  Give us a call! 203-210-5107


Year in Review

A new year…a new beginning. I am ready to put 2019 behind me! It was a long year, as you all know. But I’m finally feeling like myself again and I can’t wait for 2020.

I saw this meme the other day on Facebook and I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve planted a lot of seeds this year. 2020 is going to be a year focused on healing … mentally, physically and professionally. I have some amazing things planned for 2020 that I can’t wait to share with all of you!

I didn’t stitch nearly as much this year as I usually do, but here is the year in review.

2019 was a tough year for me for a lot of reasons. But, one of the things I struggled the most with was not feeling creative. That was extremely frustrating for me. I usually always have some idea spinning around in my head about stitching or painting new designs and that just wasn’t happening.

The goods news is…I’m back! 2020 is gonna have a lot more stitching, new clubs and classes and so much more.

I wish all of my wonderful readers a happy and healthy new year. If you planted seeds this year, remember that something will grow from them.

December Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

All our in stock canvases are 30% of now through Saturday December 14th!
Kelly Clark Easter Egg Club

Kelly has stitched the most beautiful eggs! A fabulous addition to your Easter display.

There are 8 designs in the club.  The kits include the canvas, guide and threads.  The club starts in February 2020.  You need to sign up by December 1st to join the club.

You can also sign up by calling the shop.
Tropical Birds Club
If you joined our Silly Little Birds club last year you’re gonna love this club!
We have a new club starting in January.  These designs are adapted from the artwork of Scott Partridge through Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery

There are five canvases in total.

4 1/2 inch round on 18 mesh

Sign up by November 15th to be included in the first shipment.

You can sign up by calling the shop or

December Trunk Show!!!
 Kirk & Bradley Travel Rounds

All trunk show canvases and special orders from the trunk show are 20% off

2020 Class Dates
February 8th
March 7th
Suzie will write a custom stitch guide for the piece of your choice. Spend the day learning lots of new techniques that will make your piece come alive.
Submit your canvas by:
 November 20th for the January class
January 4th for February class
February 8th for March class
Class Fee $75
Stitch guide, canvas and threads additional
Canvas must be purchased from The Enriched Stitch
Call the shop to sign up and for more details
Holiday Hours
We will be closed December 22nd through January 1st.  We will reopen January 2nd at 10 with regular hours

Studio Times
Tuesday 12:30-2:30
Thursday 10:30-12:30
Saturday 10:30-12:30
Can’t make those times?  We’re happy to schedule a private lesson with you.
Be sure to call ahead or email to reserve a place in studio time
Don’t Miss a Thing!

30% off In Stock Canvases

This could be our biggest sale EVER!!!!!!

All in stock canvases featured below are 30% off now through  Saturday December 14th

You know the drill by now.  Give us a call or shoot us an email with the frame number and description of the canvas and we can take your order.  If you can’t get through to us, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we are finished helping other customers.


The frame number is BELOW the canvas.  Have a good look through.  There’s tons of canvases!


Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3

Frame 4

Frame 5

Frame 6

Frame 7

Frame 8

Frame 9

Frame 10

Frame 11

Frame 12

Frame 13

Frame 14

Frame 15

Frame 16 – Kirk & Bradley Advent Calendar – sold as a set

Frame 17

Frame 18

Frame 19

Frame 20

Frame 21

Frame 22

Frame 23

Frame 24

Frame 25

Frame 26

Frame 27

Frame 28

Frame 29

Frame 30

Frame 31

Frame 32

Frame 33

Frame 34

Frame 35

Frame 36

Frame 37

Frame 38

Frame 39

Frame 40

Frame 41

Frame 42

Frame 43

Frame 44

Frame 45

Frame 46

Frame 47

Frame 48

Frame 49

Frame 50

Frame 51

Frame 52

Frame 53

Frame 54

Frame 55

Frame 56

Frame 57

Frame 58

Frame 59

Frame 60

Frame 61

Frame 62

Frame 63

Frame 64

Frame 65

Frame 66

Frame 67

Frame 68

Frame 69

Frame 70

Frame 71 – comes with stitch guide and custom box to hold tea

Frame 72

Frame 73

Frame 74

Frame 75

Frame 76

Frame 77

Frame 78

Frame 79

Frame 80

Frame 81

Frame 82

Frame 83

Frame 85

Frame 86

Frame 87

Frame 88

Frame 89

Frame 90

Frame 91

Frame 92

Frame 93Frame 94

Frame 95

Frame 96

Frame 97

Frame 98

Frame 99

Frame 100

Frame 101

Frame 102

Frame 103

Frame 104

Frame 105

Frame 106

Frame 107

Frame 108

Frame 109

Frame 110

Frame 111

Frame 112

Frame 113 – lampshades

Frame 114

Frame 115

Frame 116

Frame 117

Frame 118

Frame 119

Frame 120

Frame 121

Frame 122 – clutch purses

Frame 123

Frame 124

Frame 125

Frame 126

Frame 127

Frame 128

Frame 129

Frame 130

Frame 131

Frame 132

Frame 133

Frame 134

Frame 135

Frame 136

Frame 137

Frame 138Frame 139Frame 140

Frame 141

Frame 142

Frame 143

Frame 144

Frame 145

Frame 146 -available on either 18 (9 inches) or 13 mesh (12 inches)

Frame 147

Frame 148

Frame 150

Frame 151

Frame 152 – Danji Nativity – sold as a set

Frame 152 – top canvas is a rug

Frame 153 – limited edition from Labors of Love. Includes hand sculpted porcelain head and arms

Frame 154

Frame 155

Frame 156

This is definitely our biggest sale!  I’ve never edited 156 images!

Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful customers.  I hope you’ve found a canvas or two to treat yourself with this holiday season.  It’s gonna be a long winter . . .plenty of stitching time!



Cyber Sale! 30% off canvases in online store!

If you missed this on Facebook or the email was buried among your overloaded inbox, then here’s the info.

We can’t guarantee that everything is in stock because we have been flooded with orders.  But, we will fill your orders as quickly as possible and will update you with the status of your order in the next few days.


Reindeer Stitch Along

Sorry this post is so late.  I’ve been inundated with doctors appointments lately.  Don’t worry . . .I’m all good.

Here is the free stitch guide for the Amanda Lawford  reindeer ornaments.  The best part is that they are 4 inch rounds on 13 mesh!


Mary Susan and Linda stitched this adorable little ornament.  Isn’t the finishing fabulous?!!!!

They made a change to the bottom border and made it black and white.  You can do that or keep it the original colors.


4371  Red Background

Thread List

Vineyard Silk C-007 Holiday

Entice E202, E302

Petite Very Velvet V601

Kreinik  1/16th ribbon 221

Snowflake sequins and white beads

The Collection Silver Bugle beads BGL1-001 S/L crystal

Basketweave the red in Vineyard Silk, completely covering the canvas.  I actually took a red sharpie and covered the white spots.

Woven Stitch with Entice E302 on the reindeer

Gold Band 221 tent stitch

Basketweave the Red and white stripes.  Using a black sharpie, cover the red stripes before stitching.


4370  Green background

Planet Earth Silk Jelly Bean 099

Entice E202, E310

Petite Very Velvet V601

Basketweave with Pepper Pot 099 covering the white dots

Reindeer woven stitch with Entice E302

Stripe using a black sharpie or acrylic paints  paint the red stripe black and basketweave the stripes.


Let us know if we can put a kit together for you!


So Exciting!

A few months ago, I was contacted by a lovely woman at ANG and asked if I would publish my guide in the magazine for their members, Needlepointers.  I was so flattered!

The piece is Melissa Prince’s Abstract Reindeer ornament.  So, if you have an ANG membership, the stitch guide is free!  No membership?  Not a problem, you can always order the guide through my shop.  Click here to download it instantly!

Just need the canvas?  We can get that for you too!  Click here!

I stitched these a year or so ago and we offered the series as a club through The Enriched Stitch.


It’s not the first time one of my guides has been published, but it’s just as exciting the second time.

The first guide that was published was for the Ewe & Eye design “Warm Greetings.”

I like to refer to these guys as the “Swirling Snowmen.”

This is the perfect piece to get going on after the holidays so you can stitch in season.

Other exciting news, on the wholesale side of my business, is that one of my designs is featured in the current issue of Needlepoint Now.

The extremely talented Anne Stradel stitched a design from the artwork of Scott Partridge.  It is gorgeous!  Her back looks like the front.  Amazing!  Stop by the shop to see it in person.   I ordered a ton of this canvas in preparation for the publication.  They’re flying out of the shop, both retail and wholesale.  Click here if you want us to send a copy your way!

Life is funny.  Just when you’re feeling really down, opportunities like these come along and lift you right back up!