New Facebook Video

I’m having a little trouble with this Facebook live thing.  But the videos are being posted.  So be sure to check out our latest video on our upcoming Online Cyber Classes.   We’re offering three different canvases and the classes will start in late November or early December.  I’ll get more info to you about signing up in the next week or so, once I get the threads lists together.  In case you’re not on Facebook, here’s what we’ve got planned for you.

winter village

Winter Village by Alice Peterson

pineapple wreath

Pineapple Wreath by Melissa Prince

rainbootsFlowers and Rainboots by Alice Peterson

Be sure to comment and let us know what you think.  If you post a comment here or on the Facebook page you will receive 10% off your canvas is you take the online class.

Don’t Miss This!!!!

If you don’t already like The Enriched Stitch on Facebook . . .you really should.  We’re starting something really big tonight.  And you don’t want to miss it.  Watch your Facebook feed around 5:45 tonight.

We’re going LIVE!!!!!!

That’s right. . . live video streaming directly from the store.  I have so many ideas of what I can do with this awesome new app.  Let’s just say, we’re bringing The Enriched Stitch to YOU!

I’ll keep you posted about what will be going on in live video in the future.  You’ll be able to have The Enriched Stitch experience no matter where you live.  We truly will be everyone’s local needlepoint shop!

Pretty Woman

pretty woman

I think Julia Roberts would be proud of this depiction of her.  Did you know that Julia is a needlepointer?  That’s the rumor around town.

This is another canvas that is part of our Girl’s Night Out Club.

She’s got beautiful jewels and a dress to die for.  yes  . . .I appliqued silk onto the canvas and gave her boobs, as well.  Though, I think the one on the left needs a little touching up.  Better ring the plastic surgeon lol!

It’s not too late to join in the fun.   Check out all the canvases featured in this club on the website.  Give us a buzz at the shop if you’d like to join.  We can catch you up!


Julia Snyder and her Knotty Bouquet

Julia Snyder will be back in the shop October 14-16th teaching her amazing piece that she calls “Knotty Bouquet.”

knotty bouquet

This picture doesn’t do it justice.  Take my word . . . it’s stunning!   I hope I have time to take the class.  I always try to but it’s so hard taking a class in your own shop.

There are amazing ribbon techniques, new threads,

knotty 1

I have no idea what is going on in most of this piece.  And if I don’t know, you probably don’t either.

knotty 2

Julia is so unbelievably creative.  Don’t miss this class!

You must sign up by August 15th to be guaranteed a canvas for the class.

Class fee is $800.  Includes canvas, stitch guide, thread kit, three days of instruction and lunch and desert of course!

Kits are available if you are not able to attend the class.  Please call the shop to sign up or order a kit.


August Class Schedule

We’ve got great classes lined up for August that you don’t want to miss out on.

Santa – Saturday August 6th 10-3

santa raymond crawford

Raymond Crawford Designs – Stitched by Suzie Vallerie

 Canvas $82 Thread Kit $73 Stitch Guide $40  Class Fee $50

Here’s what you’ll learn: Padding Techniques, how to work with Kreinik Facets, Turkey Work, Faux Random Turkey Work, and much more!

Call the shop to sign up.  Space is limited.  Kits are available for those who are not able to attend the class.

Our second class is your choice of one or both of these beautiful teacups by Melissa Shirley and stitched by Mary Susan Muirhead.

Bead Embroidery

Saturday August 13th 12:30-3

bead embroidery

Ever wondered how to add dimension and sparkly beauty to your needlework? We have just the class for you! You will learn to create a fabulous focal piece by using embroidery to surround a cab with various size seed beads.   This embellishment can be used for the center of a flower, a sun, a wheel . . .the list goes on and on


Teacup Bouquets

Saturday August 27th 10-3

Choose one or both of these magnificent pieces stitched by Mary Susan.  Both pieces will be taught in the same class, but you only have to do one.  But why wouldn’t you do both?


Canvas $135 Thread Kit $150  Stitch Guide $55  Class Fee $50

white teacup

Canvas $135  Thread Kit $129  Stitch Guide $55 Class Fee $50

Amazing ribbon technique, beautifully laid threads, crazy beading techniques . . .just a few of the things you’ll learn in these pieces.

Ribbon 101 10-12    Beginner Silk Ribbon Work

Saturday August 2oth  10-12   $40

This piece displays some of the techniques you will learn in the cla


Ribbon 202 12:30-2:30   Advanced Ribbon Work.

 Must have basic knowledge of ribbon work covered in Beginner Ribbon

This piece displays some of the techniques you will learn in the class.


These pieces feature examples of what you will learn in the ribbon classes.

The Vallerie

September 30th-October 1st 10-3

Stitched by yours truly

vallerie 1

Melissa Prince will personalize your canvas with your name.

Sign up as soon as possible to get your canvas early so you can complete the prework in the background.

As always,  kits are available if you are not able to attend the class in the shop.

We’ve got great classes lined up for the fall, so be sure to check the website.

Select Canvases 35% Off

Select in stock canvases are 35% off

August 2nd-6th

Sale IN STORE ONLY.  Discount does not apply to the online store.  Please call the shop to order. 203-210-5107

Please refer to the frame number below the canvas when calling to inquire about canvases.


Frame 1


Frame 2


Frame 3


Frame 4


Frame 5


Frame 6


Frame 7


Frame 8


Frame 9


Frame 10


Frame 11


Frame 12


Frame 13


Frame 14


Frame 15


Frame 16


Frame 17


Frame 18


Frame 19


Frame 20


Frame 21


Frame 22


Frame 23


Frame 24


Frame 25


Frame 26


Frame 27


Frame 28


Frame 29


A New Club! Exceptional Eggs

I know. . . I know.  I’ve got an egg . . .bunny. . .chicks. . .and a few other problems lol.

amanda egg blue flowers

I just love these little eggs by Amanda Lawford.

amanda egg yellow flowers

We will be doing a club with these little darlings starting in October.

amanda egg 1

I don’t have complete pricing on the thread kits yet, since I have three more to finish.  Each canvas is $43 and comes with the stitch guide with the purchase of the threads. They measure 3 x 2 on 18 mesh.  A quick stitch!  Thread kits to be determined.

egg 1

egg 3

 egg 2

We will ship two canvases in October, 2 in November and the final 2 in December.  This way, you could have them stitched and sent off to the finisher to get back in time for Easter.  You must sign up by August 15th to be included in the first shipment.

Call the shop to sign up.  203-210-5107

Zecca is Coming to The Enriched Stitch!

Save the date . . November 12th.

Karen Hennessey, the talent behind Zecca Needlepoint, will be coming to the shop on Saturday November 12th.

Karen is working on stitching six new designs that we will be offering as a class that day.  She’s a little shy about teaching, so I’m going to help her out.

Choose one or more of these six canvases for the class.

ornament 1

ornament 2

ornament 3

ornament 4

ornament 5

ornament 6

As Karen stitches them I’ll post pics.  Or be sure to follow her on Facebook.

Class cost is yet to be determined until Karen is finished stitching them.  But it will be the price of the canvas, threads and stitch guide and the class fee is $50.  More details to come later.  But let us know if you want to come join in on the fun.

Her trunk show will be here at the same time.  So you can pick her brain about her designs.  It’s gonna be so much fun!

The Vallerie Class

Yup . . .that’s what everyone is calling this piece.

vallerie 1

So many people have been blown away by this piece and have asked for a class.  You ask and you shall receive!

Join me on September 30th and October 1st from 10-3.  Yes . . it has to be a two day class.  There’s so much packed into this piece.  That’s what happens when I stitch something for myself.  I have carte blanche on the canvas.

Crazy ribbon work . . .new triangle beads from our new bead company, Hungarian Double Braided Chain (don’t let that scare you), and SO much more!

You must sign up as soon as possible since the canvas has to be personalized.  Call the shop for pricing and more information.  As always, kits are available for those of you who unfortunately live too far away from the shop to come.


Summer Stitch In

Every July we host a stitch in at The Enriched Stitch.  26 women from Rhode Island to New Jersey spent the weekend with us, talking, laughing, and even did some stitching.  I have to say . . .I was exhausted after the two days!  I spent most of the day on my couch yesterday enjoying a much needed day of relaxing and stitching.

stitch in 2016 1

Thankfully the air condition upstairs in our classroom worked this year (unlike last year).  My dear husband even went out on Thursday night in a horrible thunderstorm to get a wall unit air conditioner and put it in for me.  God bless him!stitch in 2016 2

Thanks everyone for coming.  It was a blast!

And I have to thank my staff profusely for all their hard work this past week.  They busted their butts to get everything ready and kept everything running smoothly.  I couldn’t have done it without my girls!