Zecca Ornament Class

Christmas is coming a little early this year to The Enriched Stitch.  Karen Hennessey, the design genius who is Zecca, will be coming to the shop on November 12th.

I’ll be teaching a class with five of her funky ornaments.  Karen is a little shy so she asked me to teach.

Look at how stunning these are!


Purple Dot Tree


Purple Dot Triangle


Orange Dot Tree

orange-dot-triangleOrange Dot Triangle


Green Dot Circle Ornament

These pictures do not do these pieces justice.  They shine and shimmer while they twirl.  There’s fun beads, sequins and threads.  The best part is they are small!  I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people finish one during the class.

Class is Saturday November 12th 10-2.

The price of the class is the cost of the canvas, threads and $25 class fee. Be sure to sign up as soon as possible so we can get your kit together.

It gets better!  If you purchase another ornament in the series, the second, third, fourth canvas will be 10% off!  The additional canvases must be preordered to receive the discount.  And we’ll customize your thread kit for multiple kits so that you don’t get the same thread in each kit. Who could stop at just one of these little darlings?

If you can’t make it to the class, we can certainly send you a kit.  Just give us a jingle to sign up or ghost the class!


Knotty Bouquet Class

Julia Snyder never disappoints! I wish I had more time to spend in her class this past weekend.  But I got the highlights of the piece.  And there were A LOT of highlights!


This piece is packed with techniques, but without it looking like she threw everything at it and the kitchen sink.  There were some threads in the kit that I had never heard of before.  Old but new threads that are once again being produced by our dear friends at Access Commodities.


Check out the hand painted frame from Robbyn’s Nest Designs.  It’s just fabulous.  Oh who am I kidding?  Everything about this piece is fabulous.

We have one kit left if you’re interested.  Give us a call!  203-210-5107

Fall is in the Air

I don’t know about you, but Fall is my favorite season.  It’s the time of year I break out the crock pot, cozy up in my fleece, and stitch the weekends away.  Nothing better than a Sunday like that!

We’ve been receiving some fantastic finishing for the fall season.


Patti stitched this gorgeous piece .


The finishing is to die for!  The ribbons and bow really accentuate the stitching.

There is a stitch guide available for this piece if you’re interested.  And we can certainly get a kit together for you if you’d like.

Have You Met Sasha?


Isn’t she fabulous?  I could see this gown gracing the runways of Oscar de la Renta.


I knew I wanted to bead the entire bodice.  Well, needed . . .not wanted to bead it.  But when she’s in the spotlight, boy does she sparkle!

Here hair is done completely in packed stem using five shades of Planet Earth silk.  I’ve decided that if all else fails, I’ll go into coloring hair.

Then she needed some fabulous jewelry to go with her gown.


I used a few different beading techniques to create these beauties.


The original design was painted with a full red skirt.


I’ve been dying to try to applique fabric onto canvas.  Here was the perfect opportunity.  Originally I wanted red tulle.  But when I went down to my fabric store, what they called red, I would call hot pink.  So, I thought before I scavenge all over Manhattan for red tulle, I’d try this out with white tulle.  I love that the red shows through.  I used a breading technique to hold down the tulle at the hem of the dress.  You should have seen it before I did that!  I wish I had a picture.  It was so puffy and sticking out everywhere! Then I had to hide the top edge where I attached the tulle.  A little ribbon goes a long way!

The Lady in Red, as Leigh named her, is available through any store participating in the national fundraiser Go Red With Thread.

You must order your kit before November 1st to make sure that she is on time for her runway debut in February.

You can call the shop to order or click here to order online.

 And like I said, she can be ordered from any needlepoint store that is participating in the event.  Check with your local shops.

Now I better get to writing up her stitch guide.  Hope I remember how I did everything!

 You can read more about the details of the fundraiser on our website.

Self Finishing . . .Did I Say That?

We found the most adorable canvas at market.  And it was self finishing!


I’m not into finishing things myself.  I leave that to the professionals.  But this was so easy that all I did was cut the canvas and taped it onto the back of the beautiful hand painted frame that came with the canvas.  What would you guess this costs?  It’s only $60 retail for the entire project!  Minus the threads, of course.

He’s a little three inch round that I stitched up in an evening.  Talk about instant gratification . . .a quick stitch and no waiting months for finishing.  And you can’t beat the price!

 There is a baby version of this, as well.


These designs will discontinued at the end of the year so if you’re interested let us know soon!

Columbus Day Flash Sale – All In Stock Canvases 20% Off

All in stock canvases are 20% off Friday October 7th and 8th

And here’s an added bonus . . .

Over 100 more canvases in our online store are 35% off!


Enter the code Columbus35 at the checkout to receive the discount.  Online canvases must be ordered through the online store.  Click here to see what’s in stock.

Call the shop to order.  Please refer to the frame number under the picture for the canvas you are interested in.



Frame 1

Frame 2img_2680

Frame 3img_2681

Frame 4img_2682

Frame 5

Frame 6img_2684

Frame 7img_2685

Frame 8img_2686

Frame 9img_2707

Frame 10img_2709

Frame 11img_2710

Frame 12img_2711

Frame 13img_2712

Frame 14img_2713

Frame 15img_2714

Frame 16img_2715

Frame 17img_2716

Frame 18img_2717

Frame 19img_2718

Frame 20img_2719

Frame 21img_2721

Frame 22img_2722

Frame 23img_2723

Frame 24img_2725

Frame 25img_2726

Frame 26img_2727

Frame 27img_2728

Frame 28img_2729

Frame 29img_2730

Frame 30img_2731

Frame 31img_2732

Frame 32img_2734

Frame 33img_2735

Frame 34img_2736

Frame 35img_2738

Frame 36img_2739

Frame 37img_2741

Frame 38img_2742

Frame 39img_2743

Frame 40img_2744

Frame 41


Frame 42

Give us a call 203-210-5107


special orders, clubs and online classes not included

Mi Amore

I don’t know about all of you out there, but hearts are hot here at The Enriched Stitch.  I can’t keep them in stock!

Linda at the shop is probably the biggest heart canvas addict and look how she finished them.


Like I said the other day . . .when that finishing comes back we fall in love all over again.


It looks like the hearts are on one ribbon, but really they are on three different ribbons of different lengths.  Pictures never do our work justice.


Here’s a cute display idea for hearts or ornaments.  Linda picked this up at Homegoods.  How sweet is this?  And somehow one of Mary Susan’s hearts snuck into the display in the middle.  Another wonderful finishing idea from Linda’s creative mind.

Join in the Fun!

The registrations for our stitching challenge have been pouring in!  Over twenty people have signed up since we opened up
registration a few days ago.

Here’s just a few of the pieces that our customers are determined to finish.

lisa-challengeLisa wants to finish up this piece she took in a class with Mary Susan at the shop a few years ago.


Carina clearly has a theme that she’s working on.


Joy submitted the Botanical Bunny as one of her pieces.


Here’s a pic of my bunny to inspire Joy.

The girls and I are figuring out what we’re going to do for the challenge.  They don;t know it yet, but I’m proposing a twist for us.  One of us gets to choose a piece for someone else who works at the shop to enter into the challenge.  Let’s see if they go along with it.

Decisions. . .decisions . . .decisions

After Becki finished stitching her stunning nativity scene, she had a tough decision to make.


Which music box should go in the back of the finished stand up?

Well if you know Becki at all, she decided to have six music boxes put in the back.  Too funny!

nativity-becki-3 I agree, it’s a tough decision between O Holy Night, We Three Kings, O Little Town of Bethlehem and the other three runner ups.

The stitching is amazing.  The finishing is tasteful, elegant and spot on with the color choices.


If you’re interested, Becki did write a stitch guide since it was an online class we offered earlier in the year.  Currently we are out of stock on the canvases and so is Susan Roberts.  But if you want to order a kit, they should be arriving just in time to treat yourself to a holiday present.

Finish It!

I know I’ve been quiet since the Dallas market, and I’m not going to bore you with the same pictures everyone has posted already.   When you see these fabulous new designs what are you thinking?  Do you feel like I love it but I can’t possibly purchase another canvas?  I have too much in my stash?  I’ll never live to finish what I have.  If so . . .you aren’t alone.

Believe, no one knows better than I do that there aren’t enough hours in the day to stitch.  And I do this for a living!  And sometimes I am actually committed to finishing a piece and writing a stitch guide.  I know most people don’t fall into that category, but I do understand.  I haven’t always been a shop owner.  I am totally overwhelmed by my stash . . .or “inventory” as I like to call it.  Here’s a pic of just ONE of the shelves where some of my stash lives.  I’m not going to tell you how many different shelving systems I have full lol.


There are so many pieces that I have started that I would love to finish, but for whatever reason I get sidetracked by pieces I “have to stitch” or I get stuck or simply just lose interest.

So what do we do about this?  Sometimes, we just have to let a piece go.  Much like that pair of shoes in your closet that are so beautiful but gave you blisters and an agonizing evening, they need to go to a better place.

So . .. here’s what I’m proposing.   Starting October 1st, you have two weeks to register three pieces with The Enriched Stitch that need to be finished by January 3rd when we reopen after the holidays.  If you complete any of those pieces, you will receive 20% off the finishing!  You don’t have to finish all three.  The only finishing we are excluding is framing because we don’t do that at the shop, unfortunately.

Stop by the shop to register your pieces.  If you don’t live near us you can participate too!  Just send us an email with pictures of the unfinished canvases next to the newspaper or something with the date on it and you’re part of the finishing challenge.  The finished pieces must be turned in by January 3rd.

I’m going to play along, as well.  I have a few pieces that I’ve picked up and put down for various reasons that I would LOVE to be gracing the walls of my home.

In order to help you with this, we will have a free class for those that are registered called “Get Over the Hump” on October 22nd, November 8th and December 10th.  The local class will be from 10-12 and the online Facebook live class will be from 1-3.

There’s nothing more satisfying than finishing a piece.  Well . . .that’s not exactly true.  The tail end of a piece gets a bit torturous for me.  Why isn’t there a triumphant fanfare that randomly sounds when we finish a piece?  Becki and I do that for each other . . .but that’s another story.  But there’s nothing better than when you get that phone call or email from Mary Susan telling you that you have finishing.  And when you see that little beauty, you fall in love with that piece all over again.