New Movie Coasters

The other day I showed you some of the new movie coaster canvases from Melissa Prince.  They’re all up on her website.  Aggie had a great name for this collection . . . “Hollywood Squares.”  I think it’s genius!

Little Mermaid

Mary Poppins


Miss Congeniality



Lion King

Blues Brothers

Love Actually

Singing in the Rain

Calendar GirlsNotting Hill

Hidden Figures

Christmas Vacation

I plan on stitching a few of these.  Which ones are on your list?

To Market To Market We Go!

Aggie and I arrived in San Jose late last night for the TNNA winter trade show. It’s gonna be a busy weekend!

The designers have been doing lots of sneak peeks.  Here’s some you might not have seen that were emailed directly to shop owners.  Let us know if there’s something you’d like to order!

Melissa Prince

Ewe & Eye



Tapestry Fair

Julie Mar


Purple Palm

Associated Talents

Alice Peterson

Kate Dickerson

Melissa Shirley Designs

And this is just the beginning!  God I love market!!!!!

There’s No Place Like Home

I haven’t posted much about what I’ve been stitching lately.  But here’s a sneak peek of a new design from Alice Peterson.

This piece reminds me of fall in New England.  Which you all know by now that’s where I call home.

There are four designs in this series.  Something for everyone.

Becki is working on the winter home.  We will have stitch guides for all four designs in this series.

Here’s the best part . . .if you order one of these canvases by the last day of the trade show this weekend, Monday January 23rd, you will receive the stitch guide for FREE!

All the designs are on 13 mesh and measure about 16 x 7.  The canvas is $190.

The stitch guides will retail for $40 each.  So, that’s quite a deal!  But like I said, this offer only stands if the order is placed by the end of the day on January 23rd.

Here’s a few more new ones from Alice Peterson.  The stitch guide offer stands for any of these pieces, as well.

I left you hanging . . .

OK.  Here’s the answers to the blog I posted yesterday.

Notting Hill

Mary Poppins

Lion King

Hidden Figures

Christmas Vacation

(Did you notice the cat outline?  Do you get it now?)

Blues Brothers

Any canvas you see featured on this blog will include a FREE stitch guide if ordered by Monday January 23rd.  Yep . . .you heard me right. . .FREE stitch guide.

Here’s one more by Melissa that I just love.

I played the violin for many years growing up.  So this one resonates with me.

There’s been lot’s of new canvases that the designers are leaking.  I’ll be posting more canvases over the next few days.  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a beat of what happens at market this weekend.

Name that Movie

C’mon down!  You’re the next contestant on Guess that Movie Coaster!

By now you all know how much I love the movie coaster series from Melisa Prince.  I highly recommend stitching one if you haven’t already.  So much fun and instant gratification.  And if you think that you have no use for a coaster or God forbid someone actually uses the coaster, you can finish them so many different ways.  I’ve done pillows and framing.  A customer of ours is having Charlie and the Chocolate Factory finished as a boxed standup with a music box tucked in the back that plays, “The Candy Man.”

Didn’t Susan do a fabulous job? I love the hair!

So let’s see if you can guess which movies these are. I will admit that I was stumped on a few and had to ask Melissa.

Check back tomorrow for the answers!  There’s more to come.  This is just a sneak peek.  If you want to order any, just give us a shout!

Black and White and Fun All Over

Look who just hopped back into the shop!

How cute is he?

This was such a fun piece to stitch.  I rarely stitch anything just for myself these days.  I’m always working on something for a class or a model for a designer.  So this little guy was a treat for me.

I just LOVE the black and white pom pom trim that Linda found for him.  I think he might need a friend.  What do you think?

Stay Up to Date

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 Keeping up with all of this is a full time job. LOL!

When I Look into the Future . . .

I just might see these two pieces on bars.

These are two new designs from Strictly Christmas and I am TOTALLY in love with them.

They come as a set.  And the cool thing is the Deux Bijou Bijou makes a custom frame for the tryptic.

These will definitely be in my future.  I already ordered them.  Will they be in yours?  Possibly in a stitch along?

Let’s Have Some Fun This Weekend

We have a lot of fun events and classes planned over the next few months.  But here’s what’s on tap this Saturday, January 7th


Get Over the Hump Class  10:30-12:30

Stuck on a piece and just can’t finish it? Whatever the issue is, ribbon, beading, a stitch, something just isn’t working . . .We’re here to help get you over the hump!
Class fee $20. Advance registration required

Refresh Your Finishing  10-12

Before you put away all of your holiday needlepoint, bring some pieces to the shop this Saturday and Mary Susan will show you had to spruce them up with new bows, ribbons and embellishments. No need to be intimidated by making bows.  She’ll teach you how to make fabulous bows that will make your old ornaments look new again. Adds few jingle bells and other goodies and voila!
No fee or registration required. Treat yourself this Saturday to a little “me time” at the shop

Lumber Exchange  12:30-2:30

Is your drawer full of stretcher bars overflowing? Have 10 sets of 9 inch bars but no 10 inch bars? If so, stop by and exchange your extra bars for a size that you need. Write the length on the bars before you come. Just leave the same amount that you take!

What’s Cookin’ in February

February is an important month for the needlepoint community. We will be holding our Go Red with Thread annual stitch in to raise money for The American Heart Association.

Join us on February 4th from 10-3 for a day of stitching to support the American Heart Association! A donation of $25 is suggested to participate and ensure you have a seat at one of our tables.  Registration is required.  Shoot me an email to register while we are closed during the holiday week if you’d like to participate.

We will also be holding classes for the three pieces that are exclusive to shops participating in the fundraiser. Shoot me an email or call the shop next week to sign up or order a kit.

Whimsical Heart Class
Saturday February 4th: 12:30-2:30

Paint the Town Red Class

February 11th 10-12:30

This glamorous canvas by Melissa Prince will make you smile the whole time you’re stitching it. Intermediate level. Stitched and taught by Suzie Vallerie. A portion of the proceeds of this canvas and stitch guide will be donated to the American Heart Association.

Have you seen it finished?

Isn’t it fabulous?

Sasha – The Lady in Red

Join Suzie as she takes you step by step through how she designed Sasha’s beautiful gown. This elegant canvas by Leigh Designs will impress anyone! Late intermediate level. Stitched and taught by Suzie Vallerie. A portion of the proceeds of this canvas and stitch guide will be donated to the American Heart Association.